HTC Evo Shift 4G and White EVO 3D Set to Hit End of Life?


It looks like a couple of Sprint’s devices are about to hit end of life. One of them is quite recent. It’s the white edition of the HTC EVO 3D. Looks like black is the more popular choice with that particular phone as that version is safe. The EVO Shift 4G is also on the list. It was a mid-range alternative to the main EVO line with its unique keyboard compared to other EVO devices.

Remember, just because these devices will soon be off store shelves doesn’t mean you won’t be able to buy it elsewhere or get software updates. That’s especially important for those of you with the white EVO 3D as that device is set to get Ice Cream Sandwich sometime soon. [via SprintFeed]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Dafuq?

  2. Phone not selling well? Pop off the shell and replace it with a white one!

  3. It was never a good phone to begin with so I am not surprised about EOL cycle

    1.  my stock unrooted evo 3d begs to differ. with the recent update this thing is on par with the epic 4g touch(in nenamark, quadrant, linpack and real world use), unless you were talking about the shift which nm :P

      1. And if he was talking about the Shift, I have to disagree. I’m constantly surprised by what I can get out of this device. It can overclock to 2 Ghz (and scores 2362 on Quadrant at 1.5 Ghz (haven’t tested it at 2 Ghz yet)), has multiple ics roms to choose from and a very active development community, and has one of the best external keyboards to boot. My only complaint about this phone is its 3.6″ screen.

  4. Yeah right those 3ds lag all my friend does is complain about having to switch to it from the evo through insurance its definitely no gs2 dream on

    1.  my evo 3d doesnt lag O.o

  5. I liked the EVO 3d when I had Sprint. Only thing it was missing was a kickstand, but there’s cases for that.

  6. White 3D looked ugly… ughh no wonder it was at EOL

  7. Maybe he got a bad one?

  8. “The EVO Shift 4G is also on the list. It was a mid-range alternative to the main EVO line with its unique keyboard compared to other EVO devices.”
    This is horrible. The Evo was the only “Evo device” when the Shift came out. You make it seem like its the Droid Line and there was so many ‘Evo’s” out at the time. 

    SMH. Learn your stuff. 

    1. Did I say it was as huge as the DROID line? Is it not true that it’s unique to other EVO devices in that it has a keyboard? If not, let me know. I’ll be glad to edit.

  9. Well considering the price of the 3D in white or black ($99) is now on par with mid-range phones, the OG Evo and the OG Epic (both of which were released about 1.5 years ago), and the Evo Shift, I’m not surprised. Couldn’t have been selling *that* well if the price point was dropped after less than 7 or so months…

  10. My evo 3d runs just fine on ics right now :)

  11. I don’t do white phones but I think this one was nice looking…

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