Moneto Bringing NFC, Contactless Payments to any Android Phone with a microSD Card Slot


A built-in NFC chip may not be a deciding factor when purchasing an Android device provided a microSD card reader makes the list of specs. Moneto has developed a microSD card with a built in NFC transmitter that, when combined with the Moneto app, allows users to make contactless payments at any location accepting MasterCard PayPass. The NFC microSD card compliments Moneto’s existing NFC iPhone case and will cost $30 when it hits shelves sometime in Q2. Support will be on a per device basis, with more handsets added as the year progresses.

[via Engadget]

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  1. So I need to give up my SD card slot?  No thanks, Ill just pay with my Debit card.

    1. Lol i agree but the hostility was over the top… calm down 

    2. My thiughts…not exactly…bur close enough lol

    3. Nah… I don’t think you were too hostile. That was a dumb@$$ comment. 

      Brings to mind something my grandmother once told me when i was a child.. ” Think before you post dumb@$$ comments on blogs”.  grandma was such a sweetie.

      1. That sounds like my great aunt… are we distantly related, you think?

        Also, sparky, as far as I’m concerned, your comment lost any credibility when you started it with “r u” in the first few words.

    4. I agree with you 100% but calm down and use better language to get your point across.

    5. You’ve gotta be trolling.. “i fucckin hate retarded people who dont think before they speak…”

    6. Adam, I would say that thinking before you speak is something you could try out too. It’s really bad taste and way OTT to use “retarded” and “mongoloid” as insults to someone who made a simple mistake. Why spew bile all over the comments thread for nothing.

  2. Great idea but not everyone’s gonna want to get a new sd card. Maybe they can make battery covers for phones too that have NFC built in or batteries

  3. 30$ for how many better be 16gb with NFC

  4. This came out yesterday.

  5. Perfect

  6. I wonder if this card will be open and if Google could add support for it in Google Wallet?  I guess not but you never know.

  7. That is pretty slick. I used my GNex NFC at home depot earlier this week, the lady at the checkout was confused and intrigued at the same time. She looked at me like i was from space. Then kept asking me what app that was so she could get it on her iPhone… all i could say was sorry its built in the hardware. poor iPhone user :(

  8. Cool idea, but at $5 a month, I think I’ll pass…

  9. Within a year all smartphone’s will have NFC built in anyways.  

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