Apps I uninstalled this week – II


And the spring cleaning continues! After getting rid of quite a few apps from my Galaxy Tab 10.1 last week, I’ve decided it’s time my phone gets the same treatment. If you want to check out last week’s post, you can catch it here.

Analog Clock Collection: I’m a sucker for good analog watches, and their round form factor (I’m even working on a concept design for a round smartwatch). Yet the geek in me still wants these watches to do more than just show the time. A widget that takes 2X2 of my homescreen without showing me any additional information? No thanks.

Heaven & Hell: This game was featured last week in the Market, and had a pretty neat rating (currently stands at 4.3 stars from nearly 9000 reviews). However, I never really enjoyed it. The developer clearly put in effort on the design side, but I found the gameplay too easy for quite a few levels. Maybe it gets better later, but I’m not really looking forward waiting for it.

Iris and Evi: Both want to be the “Siri for Android”, yet neither offers sufficient capability to be used regularly. I hope they improve soon. Once they have a “hands-free” mode allowing me to text, E-Mail or place calls without pressing a button (or maybe one, if it’s really required) I’ll rush to reinstall.

I have no idea why I installed these in the first place:

Dream Journal, Memory Trainer, Photo Grid, Presenter

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. I agree, Iris and Evi are not anywhere close yet to compete in that arena. Might i suggest Jeannie or Speaktoit? I think these 2 are the leading ones are the market to date,

    1. I’m giving Jeannie a try again (I did use Voice Actions infinity earlier). It’s promising so far.

      1. I got an update for Jeannie this week. Until then, the voice was silent on the Galaxy Nexus. But now i can hear her again.

  2. Love this segment! I hope you can keep finding apps to uninstall each week. Lol

  3. Too funny…I just got rid of Iris last week. The novalty has worn off. Hope it gets better with further development.

  4. IMO none of the voice commands applications do a very good job… It’s just unfortunately a function of their inability to integrate deep into the system/other apps.

  5. Android 4.0 > any of the voice apps in the market.  

  6. Until Utter is made available to the general public, I’m sticking with Dragon Go as my main voice command app.

  7. I completely agree about Iris. I was very disappointed with Android’s voice apps until I found Jeannie. It’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

  8. Yeah, I tried Heaven and Hell too, and I was left very disappointed and wondering why it was a top app.

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