Handtec offering unlocked Galaxy Nexus at 349 Pounds (plus VAT)


Handtec, the British retail website, is offering the Samsung Galaxy Nexus at GBP 349 (roughly $550) unlocked. They’re only taking pre-orders as of now, but the shipment is said to be due in soon.

Although it’s still quite a bit of money, it’s the best deal for an unlocked version that I’ve come across so far. The earliest expiring auction on eBay shows the current bid at $600, and that’s with 10 hours still to go. VAT does raise the cost to GBP 419 for UK residents, and international customers need to keep shipping costs and import duties in mind.

Place your order through here.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Newegg had them for $349 US the other day.

    1. Damn. Wish I knew about it, would have finally gotten rid of my myTouch 4G then (to the delight of every reader on this site who’s been telling me this since my first day on the job)

      Update: Newegg is showing $639 currently, so this remains the best deal at least currently.

      1. Negri Electronics has the Galaxy Nexus (unlocked Canadian version) for $595 right now. They also have the non-Canadian unlocked Galaxy Nexus for $622.

        1.  Aren’t they the same phone?

      2. Lol, my touch is not a bad phone. Especially when rooted! My wife had one, it was kinda slow but for what it is worth, it was a good phone!

        1. Agreed. I’m definitely going to wait until the summer, and possibly even more, till I see a device that I really need. Even with a single core its got plenty of power.

          What I want, more than anything, in my next phone is an excellent camera, especially in low-light.

    2. $349 for a Galaxy Nexus? Are you sure that wasn’t the price for a Nexus S?

      1. It was the Nexus S — I made the same mistake thinking it was the Nexus.

    3. dailysteals had galaxy nexi for $560 one day. i wasnt sure if they were a legit site or not though, cuz i had never heard of them. would have been nice to auction a few of those babies off

      1. I bought one from them. I also previously bought a Nexus One from them and they are totally legit. I have never had a problem with anything purchased from them.Disregard the reseller reviews you may have heard about.

        I am waiting for them to hopefully do another sale on the GNex so I can pick up another one. They also sell directly on ebay, but usually at a higher price than on a “dailysteal” of an item. Look at their ebay feedback. It is pretty damn good.

  2. I got the Canadian from Negri for $585 with a coupon from retail me not.  

  3. I notice this version is silver not black. I’ll probably pay a little more for a black one. I’m still scarred from having my white HTC Magic.

    1. There is no silver or black one. There’s the gunmetal gray one and a white one; that’s it.

      1.  Yes, you’re right Nick. Thanks for that. Well maybe I’ll go for one of these then, that’s a great price. 16GB is enough storage for me.

  4. Well had mine delivered Tuesday. I’m very happy with the service. Would recommend any deliberators to forge ahead. I’ve been coveting that 1GB of RAM for so long, and boy has it made the difference I hoped it would. No ‘Tags’ app on ICS though?

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