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Over the week, I decided to do a little experiment. Just about every blog on the web has an X-of-the-week post, usually to highlight new apps, YouTube videos, or other similar topics. I’ve decided to start a series of “The apps I uninstalled this week, and why”.

Being present in the list does not necessarily mean I think the app is junk. It’s just a case in which I found I have no use for it. And with hundreds of options in my app drawer, I thought it’s time to do a bit of cleaning. Maybe even learn of some quality alternatives.


I’ve yet to find a quality sports news app that I can commit to. Beside OnSports, I’ve previously used ScoreMobile and Scoreboard. And the closest I came to an app that meets my needs was one I created in partnership with a sports blog. Sadly, that partnership didn’t last and I’m left in the wilderness.

The main problem I have with OnSports is that it feels too busy. I understand the desire to have a sense of community, but the quality of content took a big hit. I follow a wide range of sports, including Football (the real one, not the “Hand-egg” one Americans play), Cricket, Golf, Tennis and Formula One. Maybe that makes it more complicated to find “the one app”.

Asphalt 6 HD

Gameloft should take a note about this. After downloading well over 500MB on the first app launch, I played the game for quite a few weeks. Then I got a message saying an update is available. I was hoping it’s a delta update, with only a few MBs of download required. The data size 500 MBs, again. I chose download later (or whatever negative option comes), thinking the game is fine for me as it is.

For some reason, the game refused to run without downloading the update package. I had already completed all the levels, and was simply racking up more stars, so I decided I might as well uninstall it. For someone who still had gameplay left, that would have been a mega-bummer.

Digital Night Stand and Nightstand Bold

Got them to use my Galaxy Tab 10.1 as my bedside clock. Unfortunately, I don’t have a socket close enough to charge the Tab there. The battery would be dead by the time I wake up. Not the app’s fault.


I’ve got a bit of social network fatigue. Facebook and Google+ are more than enough for me, and I don’t want another app for sharing images.

Apps deleted because I can’t remember the reason I installed them in the first place:

Zinio, my6sense, Smarter Alarm, SkyGrid, Plume, Tiny Tower

Raveesh Bhalla
Multifaceted too the highest degree: I'm the co-founder of Apps Culture (an app development studio), an amateur golfer, former sport-blogger, now a tech blogger. And all this, while pursuing an undergrad degree in Computer Science in India.

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  1. What Twitter app do you use that’s not Plume? Plume seems like the best one that I’ve found.

    1. I just don’t use Twitter. Did very little before, but the recent news regarding their decision to comply with requests from different Governments’ for censorships and taking material off was something I just couldn’t live with

    2.  I second Twicca, it’s by far the best.

    3. Dolphin browser. Good enough for me. Used to use seesmic, but I don’t really like realtime feeds and apps. I visit facebook and twitter when I feel like it so browser for me.
      Tl;dr: seesmic

  2. That’s actually a good idea, many users have a load of apps the installed and never use.

  3. I have a policy on apps. I only download an app, if there’s no.good browser equivalent. I just don’t see the need to have needless resource hogs. As far as games…the only game on my phone, is Tetris.

      1. That’s what she said.

    1. I agree with you on this. Eventually more capable browsers will replace the need for tons of apps.

  4. Tweetcaster is great app for Twitter
    Ubersocial also

  5. Asphalt 6 HD requires another 500mb download seriously? I downloaded it for free when it was on GetJAr….opened it once, was decent, nothing special…..saved it for when I wanted to show of what my device was capable of, but haven;t touched it in the mean time.,…..if it requires an update, then I’ll just uninstall it

  6. I like this idea as well! Sometimes I hear people nonchalantly mention how many hundreds (!!!) of apps they have. I’m the opposite…I like a lean phone.

  7. Tiny tower was great fun for the first week or so….until I got some floors and realized that it was manual labor. It is the most tedious and time demanding “game” I have yet to witness.
    The game is completely reliant on the user and does nothing once you leave the app. Just think of sim city only nothing in your city is capable of restocking/replenishing itself. It is literally like having a second job without pay.

  8. I started getting Ads in a Paid version of MixZing. The developers couldn’t help me, so I had to uninstall the paid app this week

  9. I have a tendency to download “deals” (free for a limited time, etc) and then never use the app. I also think leaner is better.

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