SwiftKey Boasts 5 Million SwiftKey Downloads, Hosts Sale to Celebrate


TouchType has just announced that they’ve reached the 5 million download mark for their popular keyboard app for Android, SwiftKey. The app provides an alternative for those who need unmatched accuracy in word prediction, text correction and more through the use of innovative technology such as heat maps and social network personalizations.

Speaking of that, they’re also boasting that one million users have used the personalization features to improve their typing experience. To celebrate all of this they’re hosting a pretty decent sale. Through the weekend you can get the app for 25% off of its normal $3.99 price point (about a dollar).

They will soon be releasing a new update which makes changes to their core language engine to make it easier for users to type informal messages. I suggest anyone who is unhappy with their current keyboard “situation” give the free app a whirl and take advantage of this sale before the weekend is over if you end up enjoying it. Read on for full press details.

New Users Can Get 25 Percent off SwiftKey This Weekend

London, UK – February 17, 2012 — SwiftKey, an award-winning smart keyboard for Android that understands how words work together to give better predictions and corrections, has updated its core language data to make typing informal messages easier (

The update comes as SwiftKey passes 5 million downloads, as well as one million personalizations, where users let the app learn their writing style from Gmail, Twitter and Facebook posts to further improve typing accuracy.

The update is available for free to current users, and to celebrate the milestone, this weekend new users can buy SwiftKey for 25 percent off the retail price, normally $3.99 / (£2.49)
“The technology behind SwiftKey has been developed so that we’re able to innovate quickly and rapidly develop new features and improvements,” Dr Ben Medlock, CTO, said. “Responding to user demand, we’ve now updated our language models to make it easier to use informal language with SwiftKey, making it faster at completing and correcting messages being sent to family and friends.”
SwiftKey, which is nominated for Most Innovative Mobile App at this year’s Global Mobile Awards held at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, is unique in that it creates a truly personal language model based on a user’s historic typing, SMS, social media and email accounts. The more a user personalizes SwiftKey, the better and faster the keyboard becomes at correcting and predicting their individual text input.
“We’ve had impressive consumer downloads of SwiftKey in the last year, reaching the No.1 top paid app position in the Android Market,” Medlock continued. “It’s significant that we’ve also now passed one million personalizations, showing the strong consumer demand for a personalized typing experience.”

SwiftKey can be downloaded from Amazon Market and Android Market. See for more.
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  1. Wish they would do an ICS update already.

    1.  If I could use the ICS voice to text on Swiftkey I would be all over it.  Once i realized I couldn’t it was back to stock

      1. Same here.

  2. wish they would bring back the up, down, left, right arrow buttons.

      1.  Can’t you just get the swype beta directly from their site?  Registration looks to be open.  I got mine.

    1. They still have the arrow buttons.  Go to your SwiftKey keyboard and look toward the bottom left corner for the settings.  Click it and then click settings>Theme>Arrow Keys.

  3. I can’t decide this or the new version of Swype.

  4. @corandog you can put the arrows back in through the SwiftKey settings in language and keyboard page

  5. Great keyboard. Much better than stock and the word prediction makes it better for me than Swype. They just need more themes, which should come out with the next update.

  6. Got it for $.10 on sale before… Great keyboard, I love it. And yeah, the arrows are still available in the settings, they are on mine right now.

  7. Just so you know, what has been updated is actually the language models, not the core engine.

  8. For a while it was the best keyboard around, but thinks like writing a url is hard because you have to always delete a character in order to add bits due to it’s obsession with a space after a word. Also I’m finding a lot of shit keeps working its way into my suggestions/predictions thus causing me to delete 10/20 words a day. The support team are amazing, but there’s something wrong with the product.

    They need to make the user dictionary editable and figure out how words are leaking into the dictionary. Also things like T9 and auto removing spaces would be nice.

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