Feb 17th, 2012

Most people are just now getting over their honeymooning period with the Amazon Kindle Fire and talks of a second have already begun. If you don’t remember, Amazon is reportedly working on a 9 inch follow-up to the popular tablet, though little is known about the sequel at this point. China Times claims to know at least one thing, though: this thing could ship as early as May.

Quanta and Foxconn will reportedly be doing the manufacturing and they’re expected to receive component shipments in March. The 7 inch Amazon Kindle Fire was a perfect fit for most who bought it. The size was ideal for those who primarily bought it to use as an e-reader.

It’ll be interesting to see how consumers respond to the 9-inch slate, though if it’s anything like Amazon’s Kindle E-Readers we’d say they shouldn’t have much to worry about in the sales department. If you want a Kindle Fire and you would like a bigger size, hold off on buying the current model if you can. [via PhoneArena]

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