ASUS Transformer TF300T Specs Unveiled?


Earlier this month, a rumored ASUS TF300T appeared online courtesy of cool3c, but aside from its good looks we didn’t have much information on what it actually was. We figured it’d be a new entry into the Transformer series, of course, but had not a clue on specs. If today’s rumors are true, we now know what might be inside.

Polish site Tabletowo says the device will reportedly have almost all the same specs as the Transformer Prime. It’s said to have a 10.1 inch display, an 8 megapixel HD camera, a 1.2 megapixel front camera, a 1.2GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1GB of RAM and Android 4.0.

This model has configurations starting at 16GB whereas the Transformer Prime started at 32. The device is also said to be a bit heavier and thicker than the Transformer Prime at 640 grams (vs 586 grams) and 9.9mm (vs 8.3mm), respectively.

You’re probably wondering why anyone would go for such a model over the Transformer Prime. And why such a model would even exist when it’s so comparable to the Prime. We’re wondering the same, but if this model is a lot cheaper for them to produce and it translates to MSRP, then we understand. Of course, none of this is confirmed yet so we can’t say for sure that this thing even really exists. Take it for what you will and hope to find out more information at Mobile World Congress. [via Unwired View]

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  1. This may be a Transformer Prime without the WiFi/GPS issue (plus a few other minor enhancements). A more budget pricing would be extremely welcome too!!

    1. No wifi or GPS issues on mine…. been amazing since I got it in Decemeber. I guess I got lucky.

      1. so you have used yours for navigation and you had no issues?

        1. who uses a device without OTA data service for navigation? Let alone a tablet…

          1. Tethered to my phone, my GTab was fun to navigate with.  

  2. Isn’t this the Transformer Prime HD? (Same spec, 1080p screen, GPS fix, etc)

  3. I think this will come with 3G/4G modem, that’s why it has a plastic back cover and it’s slightly thicker an heavier.

  4. Allright, I will accept that more weight and thicker.

    But, give me plastic back plate with solid WiFi performance (I don’t care about GPS).

    And more battery power of course!

    1. Wow. You’re smart (and brave) enough to ask for practical plastic instead of snobby metal. HighFive.

      1. Thirded, metal sucks. Once dropped, its just jagged and nasty looking.

  5. It’s worth it to me if it has 600 nits and a 1080p screen, gps, nice fast camera.  This will have a ton of in industrial uses and will be a preferred choice to the expensive panasonic toughpad.  Microsoft based products still own the industrial tablet and handheld market.  I want to see more high end products for business from Android based manufacturers.

  6. I think this is a replacment to the old TF101. This would be a good reason to make all the Tf101 buyers go out and upgrade. The weight and size is almost the same to fit on the old dock.

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