ASUS Transformer Prime Gets Update to


It looks like the ASUS Transformer Prime is receiving a new OTA update. Version is rolling out to users now. It’s not immediately know what all is different in this incremental upgrade but users are reporting better battery life thanks to proper power states (low power usage while idling). Unfortunately, this update also breaks root so don’t jump to flash it right away if you care about that sort of stuff. Head to Settings > About Tablet > System Firmware Update to get started. [XDA]

Quentyn Kennemer
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ASUS Transformer TF300T Specs Unveiled?

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  1. Anyone know if OTA Root Keeper works with this update?

  2. WOHOO!!! weve been getting updates on the weekly now. Hopefully this one brings some nice improvements

  3. must be an American thing… cause down here in Australia I check for update and come up empty… no update available at this time!

    1. I saw an article that said it would reach you all on the 20th. Keep looking.

  4. Well ASUS acts like they have some real developers supporting their software!
    When the Padfone has similar specs to the ATRIX3 this is what I’m going to buy next.
    Hear me ASUS? A nice Smartphone pretty please!

  5. No updates in my igloo up here in Canada (aka the frozen tundra).

  6. *sigh* I remember when my transformer got constant updates :(

  7. Hey, that link is to my thread!  I should be getting some royalties from Phandroid… :)

  8. YES, Voodoo maintains root

  9. Still waiting on the ics update for the og transformer

  10. updated to .14, VooDoo Root Keeper brought back root in seconds.

  11. My battery life is outstanding after this update

  12. my prime keeps freezing and restarting on this update

  13. my battery life saw a pretty significant increase this past weekend after this update. i was wearing Dungeon Defenders OUT too!!
    Thanks ASUS for staying on the ball in product support! 

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