RockStar bringing Max Payne to mobile devices in ‘next couple months’


There are few games from the past that really stick with me, but Max Payne is one of them. Needless to say, when RockStar announced last September that it would be bringing the franchise to mobile devices my interest was piqued. Since that time attention turned mostly to the development house’s release of Grand Theft Auto III for Android, but now that Claude and company are pulling in the steady downloads it’s time to ask when I will see Max bullet-timing his way across the screen of my Galaxy Nexus. Turns out RockStar has an answer (sort of). Here is an excerpt from a Q&A:

“‘Any news about Max Payne on iOS?’ – avbros

Yes – following the release of Grand Theft Auto III for iOS (and Android devices) late last year, the original Max Payne will be our next release for mobile devices. We will have an official announcement soon confirming the release date, but you can expect it to finally be released sometime in the next couple months.”

So what if the question pertained only to iOS devices? The answer certainly seems to imply Android will be getting in on the action as well. Max Payne will get the same treatment as GTA III when it does go mobile, a full HD port tailored to the mobile experience. I can’t wait to see how RockStar pulls this one off.

[via Androinica]

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  1. They can probably pull this off by using the same control scheme on the Android version of Dead space…im hoping…that scheme was too genius

  2. This was an awesome game for its time, and was the first (afaik) to use bullet time.
    So many memories of it stick with me after 10+ years: the bullet-time shootout in the nightclub, in the hobo house, and ascending the glass-walled staircase to the snowy rooftop for the finale. Also, the surreal dream sequences with the stepping stones set against the black void were awesome.

    1. Man I so hated those blood line sequences. It would make me rage when I’d try for 1-3 hours and couldn’t get it, take a break, come back and do it on first try.  “FFFFFFFUUUUUUU-“

  3. Nice!

  4. i would buy this if they make it work with EVO 3D! I’m looking at you GTA 3!

  5. Wound’t it be cool if you could use the gyroscope for bullet time…. I am imagining myself slowly swaying and ducking like Keanu Reeves as I walk along the street playing this. Look like a fool? Like I care!

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