Android 4.0 ROM leaks for the Samsung Galaxy Note


An Ice Cream Sandwich build for the Galaxy note has surfaced on a Chinese forum, marking one of the first chances for Note users to get their hands on an early build of Android 4.0. The particular build is geared towards a Chinese variant of the Note, the GT-I9220, and is not directly compatible with other models.

The build is said to be an alpha or early beta with many features still lacking. Bluetooth and camera support are present, however. Recent rumors have the Note and Galaxy S II receiving ICS in March, but from the looks of the build it could still be a bit of time before we see the new OS on the 5.3-inch screen of the Note (assuming the leak isn’t outdated). There is already an XDA thread for those interested in following development of the build.

[via SammyHub]

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  1. Hooray for ICEWIZ!

  2. Google must be doing something wrong here?If ICS is already out, how come new devices are arriving wirhout ICS….

    1. I totally agree. I am almost ready to get off the Android platform. It seems as if it is a ongoing cycle now to buy a new phone for an up to date OS that works on a phone. When I brought my Samsung Infuse 4g in May, it had Froyo on it. We were promised the Gingerbread update in August. We never got. I was already one OS behind without the Gingerbread. By December, ICS came out and I was behind 2 OS. We finally got the Gingerbread update Feb 1, but with problems. They had to discontinue the update and go back to the drawing boards.

      1. shaddup young.  even my galaxy s originals got gingerbread and ics on it.

    2. Rant

      The issue isn’t Google. They just make the software and release the current version.  The issue is with the phone maker. Its up to them to update the phone.  Now after Google puts the software out the makers skin them, debug, test, submit Etc. you see where it can go wrong.  Now the only way a phone won’t get a software upgrade is if AOSP can run on it be the blotted crap-ware takes up more system memory. 
      Now regarding if a new phone has the newest software. if the company’s have already started making a phone and have a min. software they can use. typically its what is out at the time of phone conception. Now, the galaxy note has been out for a while in Europe and has just recently come to the states.  

      Google cares a little about what software version the phone is on.  They don’t make a penny off the software. i can compile it for my self Linux is free and open.

      Now if you care about android the phone make and the skin on it is what you should care about. that is the end all fact that will come into play if the phone gets the skin or not.  That’s the only thing that manufactures care is the skin to differentiate between phone x and y. its the bigger thing besides the hardware and the overall size.


      Anything relaphant?< misspelled on purpose

  3. True it has TouchWiz on ICS no less, but I see no difference between this custom UI (as well as Sense, and Blur) when those that get a vanilla device put all sorts of UI customization’s on top of it. But I see your point. personally I would like for these carriers and manufacturers to place all their custom UIs into separate downloads and allow the owner of the device to choose whether they want it or not.
    As for the ICS on the Note/Journal, I look forward to it. By the time the US versions get ICS, Google would have announced Jelly bean. And that OS is more geared to dual booting tablets from what I’m reading. Probably be good for the Galaxy Note 10.1″ Tab.

  4. it’s so sad to see phones get ICS updates even the leaks only for it too look almost just like GB…..   lame sauce. 

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