Androidify updated, get it working on the Galaxy Nexus


Google has released an update for the Android avatar creation app Androidify. The new version mostly deals with bug fixes and improved memory usage. The rendering of accessories on certain devices has been improved, as well. In some regions new carnival decorations are available. At first glance the update does not address the app crashing on startup for many Android 4.0 users. With a quick tweak, however, even Galaxy Nexus users will be on their way to Androidify-ing themselves.

To get past the “Unfortunately, Androidify has stopped” error message, a commenter on the Android Market has a tip. Navigate to the phone’s developer options menu and uncheck the “Force GPU rendering” option. The app should launch without hesitation. Head over to the Android Market link below to score the latest version.

Android Market Link: Androidify

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. this was fun for about 3 minutes on my dx

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