Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note Getting Ice Cream Sandwich March 1st?


Eldar Murtazin has tweeted some interesting information regarding Ice Cream Sandwich to some of Samsung’s most popular phones but we’re not sure how to take it. According to him, the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy S2 will “officially” be getting Android 4.0 on March 1st.

I won’t take his word on that “official” part but Murtazin has been reliable with several rumors in the past. If anything, it’s worthy to note that Samsung was well along with Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S II before most carriers with their flagship phones.

Samsung also has a history of updating their unlocked international version fast despite a reputation of providing slow updates in  the United States. It’s entirely possible that we could see Ice Cream Sandwich next month but we’re not going to take one man’s word on that.

We’ll be trying to see what Samsung has to say about this. In the meantime, are you already running an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on either of these devices? Let us know in the comments below! [Twitter, thanks ____!]

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  1. At that rate they may get 4.0.3 before the Galaxy Nexus even completes the rollout of 4.0.2.  Or even before the Nexus S rollout resumes.  No matter.  Better done right than done soon. 

    Happily rocking ICS 4.0.1

  2. Nope, the T-Mobile GS2 has very little development. We have about 2-3 real devs putting in real work. They still say having an ics rom for our phone is 2 months away. All because Samsung hasn’t released the drivers needed for our device. Honestly, I should have just saved up and bought a galaxy nexus. I’ll definitely only buy Nexus from now on!

    1. Thankfully the Nexus line has gone back to GSM. TMO and ATT FTW.

      1. Nexus series phones have always been gsm phones :S 

    2. I think I’m going to just put an ICS ROM on my TMO GSII when one is available because I’m not envious of the Nexus’ screen but I really do want ICS now.  

      If TW is not drastically changed with the ICS update then I’m going to go stock and throw my favorite launcher on it.

  3. Im sure international version will get it (March 1st). But due to carriers and their bloatware don’t hold your breath for it here in the states.

  4. In Canada, for Bell at least (where the Galaxy S II has the exact same hardware design as the international version), we were promised an april release of ICS. It that holds true, a march release for the worldwide version is to be expected so that date doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Plus I’ve seen “official” ROMs leak and the latest ones were very close to being ready for everyday use.

  5. I’ve still kept my Note stock, and haven’t felt the need to root it yet. I’ll wait it out, Gingerbread will suffice for now. ICS should be pretty amazing on both devices though.

    1. By the time ICS comes out for the NOTE, the NOTE2 will be arriving on shelves in the stores, lol

      1. That’s a pretty laughable attempt at trolling.

        1. Not trolling, u know its true.

          1. I don’t know why I’m even responding to this, but here it goes.

            First of all any news about the Galaxy Note 2 have been completely speculation, or rumors.

            Second, Samsung will no longer be attending MWC. So you can throw the possibility of it being announced within the next month out of the window.

            Third, after a device is announced, it typically takes 1-2 months before it’s released. For example the Galaxy Nexus was announced in October, and the international version wasn’t released until the end of November.

            So with the rumor of March 1st for ICS to hit the Galaxy Note, it’s not even remotely possible for the device to be released by then. Plus Samsung wouldn’t screw themselves over that much by releasing a second generation of model within 6 months of the original being released. It would be bad for sales and really hurt the company since the Galaxy Note still isn’t even released in the US yet.

            The basic knowledge is in front of you, all you need to do is read it.

          2. Its all rumors, and this speaks nothing of the actual US versions of the software, So its possible by the time a US sw upgrade rollout is pushed, a note2 leak could be announced by then. Definetly possible. Sammy is known to release slight bumps in software/hardware and release a completely new phone. aren’t there like 3 versions of the SGSII on att? LTE/HD/Advance/original? when you think they gettin ICS? the SGS3 is already coming, the SGS2 dropped less than 6 mo ago.

            The basic knowledge is in front of you, all you need to do is read it. 

          3. @google-6dad7d0096cc441d7cb9fd9a5234ff2d:disqus  That’s why I have the international version of the Note, not a US version. So your comment is useless to me, this is a post for the international version not the US version.

            Your methodology doesn’t work for international versions, only US versions.

  6. I have the Cyanogen 9 Preview from Codeworkx on my GS2 and I have to say it’s pretty awesome. Everything works and it’s generally rock solid.  The only issue I have is about once a month the phone tells me I have a voicemail – which I don’t. A reboot get’s rid of that though.  Apart from that it’s perfectly usable as my daily driver,

    1. By everything working you mean camera and bluetooth also?

      1. Yes both of them work. Almost everything works. Only major bugs are video recording and video playback. secure sd card storage too is a bug. The team is waiting for release of source code from samsung

        1. thats better then the Note’s ICS then cause it has no camera.

      2. I must admit I haven’t tried bluetooth. I should have said everything I use works. Camera works, not sure about video because again I don’t use that.

  7. Strange that Samsung is going to be the 1st. Lol. Everyone who hated Samsung galaxy s because of slow update are eating their words!

    1. i would imagine samsung to be first after all they did have ics source code first.

  8. I take it this means Tmobile GS2 users will see ICS around maybe Christmas?

  9. This guy is a joke he’s just throwing stuff out there and trying to see what sticks

  10. Eldar Murtazin…. lol

  11. Operative line: “…despite a reputation of providing slow updates in  the United States.”

    Until Samsung (wannabe iCrap) proves differently, that is the working standard. It is what it is. Fanboy clamoring aside.

  12. American handsets get their updates later because they have different versions of the same phone on different networks. Just keep things simple and have the international versions on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and whatever other networks you have other there

  13. I’m glad I have an international galaxy s 2. I hate being the US carriers bitch and wait for them.

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