Will we see a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 at MWC?


The intriguing mention of a Galaxy Note 10.1 in the description of Samsung’s Mobile World Congress developer day suggests that the company has bigger plans for their Wacom-based S Pen. Nestled between mentions of the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note and the Wave 3 Bada phone is the peculiar name, which drops the Tab name normally associated with the 10.1-inch screen size. This particular developer event looks to split time between developing for Samsung’s Bada platform and the S Pen, implying that the name isn’t a simple typographical error.

Further fueling the flames is a casting calls for a commercial that “will show a Galaxy Note 10.1 used for education, financial planning, and art.” The role being filled is that of a “teen student.” The listing has been cached but no longer appears to be active. The shoot was scheduled for early February. The timing lines up all too well with MWC, which kicks off in a little under two weeks.

Samsung has intimated in the past that they have been exploring more uses for the S Pen, and a tablet is almost a no-brainer. Mobile World Congress also seems like the most likely place for the company to unveil the new product. Will it be the quad-core Exynos slate we have heard rumors of in the past or something completely different? These are exactly the kind of questions that have us looking forward to the trip to Barcelona.

[via The Verge]

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  1. Samsung makes too many variants of their products, if this is a Note, they need to replace the current Tab with this model for its next iteration and call them the same thing.  I can see having a different sized tablet but a 10.1″ Note and a 10.1″ Tab makes no sense.

    1. I agree, just put this wacom tech into all of their tablets and if you want to call them the Note 10.1 or whatever fine but don’t have both models, it’s too much.  

      Also having this kind of tech makes me want a tablet whereas I didn’t want one before.  

      1. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet (TPT), and the stylus system (N-Trig, not wacom) on mine is wonderful. *

        When I’m not using the stylus, it remains in its slot and doesn’t get in the way. But if I want to take casual notes or draw, it is great. It is far easier than typing for quick notes and especially for addng diagrams and having several people collaborate.

        And I do use the stylus sometimes to avoid getting fingerprints on the screen, like when watching videos.

        * note: The TPT is actually horrible in other regards. Six months after launch and the GPS still does not work (on non-WWAN models.) It also force-closes about half the time I launch an app. Lenonvo has been terrible at getting android 3.1 working right. Some units actually had hardware problems too. We could really use some more stylus-capable tablets.

  2. Please let this be a badass exynos based tablet that can finally replace my Ipad 2!

  3. So, there is no Galaxy Tab 11.6?

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