MTV Music Meter loses beta tag in update to version 2.0


MTV is bumping up their Music Meter app to version 2.0, shedding the beta tag in the process. The app has been available in the Android Market since last year and acts as a mobile counterpart to MTV’s Music Meter website. With the app users can view artist rankings based on daily online buzz, hear music, view photos and videos, and learn everything you need to know about up and coming acts. More than 1 million musicians and bands are tracked by Music Meter.

Along with Songkick concert listings and better sorting options for browsing artists, the new version of Music Meter also implements advertising through a sponsorship from Wrigley. Expect to see plenty of marketing for 5 gum throughout. The app itself is free and available from the Android Market. Follow the link below.

Android Market Link: MTV Music Meter

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. In version 2.5, they’ll slowly start replacing all music related content with game shows and then progress on to “reality” shows.

  2. i didnt know MTV offer music. from the beginning, i thought it’s a reality show network haha 

  3. Ummmm MTV doesn’t even do music anymore booo this app

  4. James’s that was a funny comment. And true probably.

  5. Not compatible w/my device,really?!?(MOTOROLA PHOTON)

    What do you need,an OG RAZR,or what?

  6. Compatible w/the HUAWEI ASCEND………close enough,a match made in purgatory.

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