Motorola provides update on Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades


Motorola has updated their Android Software Upgrade timeline with some new information regarding Android 4.0 for several devices. Ice Cream Sandwich will begin rolling out to the the Motorola XOOM Family Edition and a selection of international handsets including the Motorola RAZR in Q2. In Q3, the Motorola Atrix 4G, Atrix 2, and Photon 4G are scheduled to see the update as well as the XOOM 2, XOOM 2 Family Edition, and both WiFi XYBOARD models.

Devices confirmed for the update but without a set date include the Motorola Droid 4, Droid Bionic, Droid RAZR, Droid RAZR MAXX, and Verizon’s XYBOARD tablets. The Motorola Electrify also makes the cut.

Motorola looks to have a full slate when it comes to updates, but the good news is that the majority of their high-end phones and tablets will see Ice Cream Sandwich at some point in the coming months. You can check out the full roadmap over at their site to see the exact breakdown of model, region, and expected delivery date.

[via Motorola]

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  1. Most people will have upgraded their phone before these updates hit…

    1. Yes if the average user updates every 8 Onths to a year, which they don’t. Most people are under two year upgrade terms.

      This does still suck though, very dissapointing that the soon to be googlefied company cant even update its flagships within a reasonable period

      1. I mean the Atrix released February last year.  Q3 probably means September so 19 months into a contract?  Although I guess it’s better than the Samsung Galaxy S line and not getting an update at all.

    2. Agree, I’m happy that I did the Best Buy Buy back program now.

  2. I’m pretty sure that when I bought my RAZR I was under the impression that it was supposed to be updated to ICS in Q1, most certainly not Q2 or Q3. Not very happy…

  3. Q3 for most? That’s horrific. 

    1. Thats when jelly bean might arrive…

  4. Can someone try and explain this bullcrap to me? Google releases a major update and some 7-9 months later high profile phones may or may not receive the update? ummm, w.t.f!!!

    Seriously, push it out for f’s sake. Damn, this makes iPone once a year update look great

  5. OG ATRIX!!!!!!!!!!

  6. “goodbye moto”

  7. … and This is a shining example of why I was correct with my purchase of the Nexus.  Along with the lack of a locked bootloader.

    1. keep telling yourself that the sub par nexus was a worthy purchase. The Nexus isn’t much better than any phone out now and in fact some say inferior to some.  I laugh at every topic not about a nexus someone has to chime in proclaiming the nexus to be the holy grail.  You can have your nexus.  Nice phone, but it isn’t worthy of the nexus branding.

      1. Its not the best hardware, but the only phone with a supported & fully working 4.0 OS. That is almost 4 months after Google release of the ICS code and with TI4xxx drivers available since December…

        1. wow, ICS   Nexus (plastic) + ICS = FAIL

          1. Yes, ICS and I only charge it once per 24-48 hrs with the STD battery.  Versus the mandatory 1-2 charges required to get through 12 hrs that I had with the razor. No thanks!

            How’s that moto-bloat taste?

            Or the mandatory un-removable software? (Play Golf, Blockbuster, Netflix, Need For Speed,  My Verizon, etc.)

            Like I said, enjoy your locked boot loader.

      2. Ohm, you can’t win an argument with these fools. Anyone who actually cares if their phone has a Verizon logo is a lost cause.
        These are probably the same dimwits who cried as kids when GI Joe came out in a black version. I guaranty most are disappointed with the plastic Nexus piece of crap and the only argument they have is ICS. They waited forever for their dream phone and got an inferior product so they lash out wherever they can. 

  8. And that ladies and gentlemen is why you get a nexus

  9. i feel sorry for the people who bought Driod RAZR. VZN should remove it and just offer the MAXX. 

  10. I am THRILLED that the Atrix 2 is getting the upgrade. Q3 is not that far away, as Q1 is 2/3 of the way done. Especially since the upgrade is less than 1 year from the release of the Atrix 2. I don’t think 9 months is all that long to wait for a new OS. Of course, I’m not a techie, so my patience level in these things is probably higher than most of the posters in this forum.

    1. You are kidding right? To wait that long for a software update is insane.

  11. Id rather buy a Galaxy Nexus, or a Huawei Honor rather than wait till Q3.

  12. What gets me is that the Xoom wifi is already on ICS, but the Xoom 3G/4G is still in the planning phase.  It’s the same damn hardware with the exception of a 3G/4G radio!  I know Verizon holds things up unnecessarily, but that should put them at least in phase 2 if not 3.  This is bull$#!+.

    1. perfect example of how carriers get in the way of everything.

      1. And ruin everything.

    2. According to the article, the Xoom 3G/4G isn’t going to get it.  It’s not on the list.  It mentions the Xoom family edition, Xoom 2, Xoom 2 Family edition, and the xyboards.  Nothing on the Verizon Xoom. 

      1. If you read the tech article on Motorola’s web site, it is on the list.  It’s just in phase 1 (evaluation and planning).

      2. The full roadmap only shows the Xoom 3G as “In Evaluation & Planning. Further details to follow.”, no mention of the 4G version. Guess it’s finally time to deal with the Team Eos roms…

    3. Agreed completely. If I would have been smart about it I would have just purchased the wifi version! I don’t get what the hold up is…….oh yeah, Verizon!

  13. Q3 = 7.5 – 10.5 months after ICS was released.  

    I’m gonna need Samsung and T-Mobile to get this done within quarter 2 please.

  14. Its gonna look bad when other manufacturers are upgrading their flagship phones in Q1 and Motorola is saying Q2 or Q3. I can’t wait when Google takes over.

    1. It’s gonna look bad when independent developers have ICS running (and probably performing better) wayyyyyy before Motorola.

  15. Come on motorola! The bionic gets ICS in Q3?! It was your first Dual core phone ( Or maybe 1 of your first) And yet it’s so far down the list to receive the update. We’ve been waiting patiently! Is it not bad enough that we had to live with the sub par camera and video capabilities, The data drops, And the whining headphones. This is disgraceful… Get your act together. How do you honestly expect that you’re going to cultivate loyalty for the brand?!

  16. Damn moto is screwing bionic owners again now along with razr and razr maxx owners! They don’t even have a date its so far away! So glad I picked the gnex. Just wish signal was as good as moto in buildings

  17. This is exactly why I ditched my Bionic for a Gnex last week. I’m running 4.0.4 right now, and there’s so many more roms/tweaks/mods than their are for the Bionic.

  18. I was holding on to my Bionic hoping that an update would coming soon.  I have an upgrade that I haven’t used yet; I’m going to put it to use and say my final goodbyes to Motorola.

  19. Any news on this subject is good news. Atrix 4g is getting it. I’m pumped.

  20. Usually I get annoyed by all the Nexus posts,  but being an ATRIX owner and having to wait nearly a year for ICS frustrates me

  21. If Motorola would unlock the bootloader we as customers would already have ICS and save Moto the headache .
    Locked bootloader = locked wallet .

  22. I would have to say that this list makes me regretful that I chose the Photon. On top of that it will make me very hesitant to ever purchase a Motorola product again. Knowing that I would get a critical update like 4.0 almost a full year from the release of the software is reprehensible. Looks like I will be doing what I did not want to do an rooting this device so that I can put my own version of ICS on there very soon. I wish that wasn’t the only way to get an upgrade to the OS.

  23. Wow…maybe in 5 months I’ll see an update,,,,,sorry but thats unacceptable. I love my Atrix 2. I had the Atrix 4G and liked it alot so I bought the Atrix 2 on ebay. I’ve had no problems with the phone at all, so I’ve been very happy. But to have to wait another 5-7 months to get an update to the current OS is ridiculous. Phone manufacturers need to slow down and stop pumping out 10 new phones every 3 months, or have more consistency in the hardware and setup across the board. They are making it harder for themselves to push these upgrades. The update process for apple was one of the only things that I thought they did better….but now they’re even starting to withhold certain features from older phone models. Unfortunately, I don’t see things changing because it’s all about selling more new products and not keeping people happy and updated on the old ones.There’s nowhere near as much money in updating old phones as there is in just convincing someone to buy a new one. One of the many negatives that go along with capitalism, IMO. I’m not a big fan of the Nexus line of phones and the curve aesthetic, but my next phone will be a Nexus of some sort. Function over form from now on for me.

    1. Update: motorola announced that ICS will be available to you right now because you think that its unacceptable……NOT!!! If you dont like it get a nexus, or better yet just STFU and wait for your device to get updated. Nobody (that has a brain) cares that you dont have ICS yet. Responded using my galaxy nexus running 4.0.2 ICE CREAM SANDWICH……….BOOOOOOOM!

      1. Dude calm down, at least he has a android smartphone .. And not a Kirf

  24. I’m w/George on this one,any news is better than nothing @ all.

    Very surprised to see the PHOTON & ATRIX get guesstimates before the BIONIC & DROID RAZR/MAXX,however,that doesn’t mean that the former will be updated before the latter.I’d guess the RAZR/MAXX will see it before the PHOTON & ATRIX,just due to the fact that the RAZR/MAXX is the current flagship of MOTOROLA,but,stranger things have happened.

    However,to those who have phones that are getting a projected Q2/Q3,etc…,this makes sense,if you’re going by initial release dates,first come,first served.
    I’m hoping an update for the PHOTON includes 100% compatibility w/the LAPDOCK 500,& possibly, an update for this in the current GINGERBREAD O/S in the meantime.

    So,w/my PHOTON,I’m looking at 4-7 months before ICS.I’m OK w/that,but,if given the choice,I’d take an update to 100% compatibility w/the LAPDOCK 500 over ICS.
    Not saying I want a choice,I want BOTH,obviously,but,if ICS lacks the 100% compatibility w/the LAPDOCK 500,& I have it w/GINGERBREAD,I’ll pass/wait.
    In the meantime,(lots of it apparently)looks like I’ll be visiting XDA…………

    THANK YOU,MOTOROLA!The projected schedule of updates to ICS is much appreciated!Naturally,some here are happier than others w/this news.If your model of phone was mentioned,I’d consider it good news,even w/o a projected Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4.If your model wasn’t mentioned,it obviously isn’t good news,but,not an end-of-the-road either,but,perhaps may sway you to start looking at other options.

    At least we’re not LINUS waiting for the GREAT PUMPKIN to arrive,for some,he is,others,probably not…….

  25. And what do we learn from this?  If you want a phone with a certain OS on it, buy a phone with that OS on it now.  There is very little reason for the manufacturers to update their phone OS.  In fact, they will see more warranty work for phones that experience OS update failure, which gives less incentive.

  26. I think it’s fairly obvious that the RAZR and the RAZR MAXX are most likely the first Moto devices to get the ICS update.  I think the reason they don’t mention a specific date is because it is fairly soon and they don’t want to say “it’s next week!” and then have people jump off bridges next week when it’s not there yet.  I also find it extremely encouraging that the Bionic (which I have now – and still love) is included in the same group as the RAZR and the MAXX.  I believe that means that the Bionic is also getting the update reasonably soon (I bet in the next couple months).

    I think people get a bit too worked up over these OS updates though… I have to say that the Bionic is still a very fast phone which can run everything I need it to without issues and the OS is usefull enough so that it doesn’t bother me.  ICS looks cool… but it’s not going to solve world hunger.  It’s not like your phone is unusable until it comes out… you gotsta chill… chill.. chill…

  27. Once again…no mention of the Cliq 2.


  28. Funny was told Motorola droid bionic would get ice cream sandwich first quarter , it’s companies like this that still gives android a sour taste in people’s mouth, stop pumping out phones like crazy and make some good phones with current up to code software updates

  29. When will you guys learn?  Are you new to Android or something?  This is how Android is and always will be.  Fragmented.

    1. Sad but true

    2.  It’s not fragmentation , it is diversification .
      Android is diversified and can run on lots of different phones . ;-)

  30. This is my main problem with Android. There are so many phones out there that now Motorola has to think about updating 15 different models that they aren’t making anymore money on. And then people like me who just bought a new phone last summer get thrown in the ditch because we aren’t one of the chosen ones. It’s bad for us and it’s bad for Motorola. 

  31. No love for the Droid X2? :/

  32. aaaand they’ll still be Motorola products so, meh.  

  33. Wow! My earlier comment posted here (via PHANDROID APP) has disappeared,but,can be seen on the desktop version.

    Hope this isn’t an omen of things to come w/ICS………..

  34. Seriously no Droid 3 ICS? The Bionic and Droid 3 are the same exact phone with an added keyboard. I give up with Motorola and this bull. I can believe the promises Motorola made and now most of the users have to wait till Q3? WHY NO DROID 3? WHY MOTOROLA WHY.

    1. This is where I’m at… Except I have the XT860 4G, so there’s no damn way I’m getting an update. I was really hoping XDA would pick up the slack like they did with the milestone, but that also doesn’t seem likely.

  35. I have a Droid X with 6 months left on contract.  After 18 months of a locked bootloader, slow & crappy updates from Moto/Verizon, I will be not be back for more of the same.

  36. I still don’t think Motorola should have stated last year that towards the end of the year, all of the new products would be running ics. Or at least that’s what I recall being said. Still pissing me off that the older Motorola products get the updates before the Razr. By the time the update comes out, Motorola probably will have plenty of other RAZRs and other products out. So for those that purchased the Razrs before the price drop and all the other models; with the hopes of gettin ics at the begining of the year, your shit out of luck till the update or if u upgrade to the nexus. Motorola is a Good brand but bringing out various models of the razr all within a few months and also dropping the price, pisses alot of people off who purchased the original razr and now stuck with it. And with no exact date of ics coming out for the phone. THANKS. 300 wasted on a phone that I have had to get replaced 4 times, which is only 200 now. Besides that I love this damn phone. Lol

  37. And this from Motorola… the company that said it would un-lock our boot loaders in 2011.

    Well Moto, it is 2012 and the boot loader on my DroidX is still locked.

  38. I like moto because they are well built, but crap on update. HTC is fair on updates and makes good products. Samsung makes crap products and is the worst with updates. Soo.. HTC or Moto for me. 

  39. All these people complaining about operating systems and when ICS is coming to their phone. Android is on multiple phones…if you want consistent updates that all happen at once, and thats what makes you happy…get a fucking iphone. I agree that motorola comes out with way to many phones, but if your not getting ICS for awhile, like most of us aren’t, then root your phone, and install some custom roms for the time being..I have the original Droid X with ICS MIUI…its virtually the same thing as ICS….except it isn’t official ICS obviously

  40. Thanks Thanks thanks Motorola! Thanks for giving ICS support for the original Atrix4G!

  41. “Rule All Machines”, MOTO said about my Bionic. Utter hogwash. MOTO (and VZW) prove again and again that their focus is solely on new product development and sales, and not supporting supposed “flagship” devices. They lied about when ICS would be available to us, and then after recalibration, lied again about providing an update schedule within 6 weeks of ICS release.  I fully expect I’m being lied to again, and am just waiting for the inevitable renege where they declare they will not, in fact, update Bionic and Razr.  Or worse, they will finally update near the end-of-life to give the illusion of a customer support-oriented organization so the easily duped will want another of their products.

  42. Yes

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