Modder Hacks Game Boy To Run Android? Sort Of


At first glance, many would think this classic Game Boy was somehow running the Android OS, but after closer inspection, we find that XDA member/tinkerer, flexoduss, is simply looking for a way to cram his Motorola Flipout into a Game Boy shell.

More than just a retro style cashing, the end goal is to make the device fully operational from inside the Game Boy, complete with functional Game Boy hardware buttons (for playing Game Boy emulators the right way). If anyone can lend this aspiring young man a helping hand, link to the original thread has been provided below.

[XDA | Via PCWorld]


Chris Chavez
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  1. More importantly, where do you get the cool yellow Game Boys? Mine’s just a beige brick…

    1. LOL! Serious… can’t say I ever saw that color. Can’t really remember that far back. Maybe it was the Pikachu color? O_o

      1. They came out with a bunch of colored versions of the regular gameboy before they came out with gameboy color. I used to have a dark green one, but I don’t remember the other colors that were offered.

        1. Yup it was part of the Play it Loud thing in the mid 90s.  They were black, red, green, yellow, blue, white, and I think an ugly looking clear

          1. Wasn’t it the purplish clear that was used on some of the N64 controllers?

          2. That purple clear was used on Game Boy Color, not so sure about the original without looking. 

    2. That is the regular Game Boy, but that is what they look like after being in a smoker’s home for 23 years.

    3. I have a gameboy color limited edition that came bundled with pokemon pinball around my mother’s house, that is yellow.  but the original gameboys were that off color, same tone as the NES.

  2. That would definitely be incredible. Completely basses, would love to pull that out of my pocket to answer the phone.

  3. I would imagine ben heck could help

  4. Phones are about that big now…..

  5. thats real cool

  6. Cool idea, good luck, I’m thinking an easy way to get the buttons working would be to re-purpose a simple bluetooth gamepad. 

    But what really surprises me is that someone actually bought a flipout!!!!!!

  7. I used to call them gray boys instead of gameboys, I used to have one, actually I think it’s still in my closet somewhere


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