Battle Loot Adventure Coming To Android Next Month – Gorgeous, Turn-Based, 3-On-3 RPG Fun


Any Phandroid readers out there who are fans of turn-based RPG’s? If you are, you may have noticed the genre could definitely use better representation in the Market. But it looks like we may finally getting a good one when Battle Loot Adventure comes to Android next month.

The first thing that stands out with this title are its gorgeous, high-definition “cartoony” graphics, that are a mixture of something like Battleheart and Castle Crashers. BLA will also feature gameplay that adopts a sort of hybrid strategy/turn-based RPG format where the player must swear allegiance to 1 of 4 different kingdoms, picking a party of 3 characters to battle it out against mercenaries, brigands and creatures, with one goal in mind — to acquire that booty. And by booty, we mean loot. Cash. Dinero.

Features of Battle Loot Adventure include:

  • Recruit many different adventurers, each with his own perks and unique skills.
  • Form and manage a party of 3 characters, carefully picking classes to face the dangers ahead.
  • Arrange your characters in battle making your own formations, gaining benefits from front or rear lines.
  • Plan every attack, picking which character to use and what action to perform.
  • Learn how to use both Special and Auto skills to succeed in battle.
  • Practice with reactive actions such as Assist and Block.
  • Discover how each class can overcome monster types, or be overwhelmed by them! Practice with all.
  • Customize your characters as well as their abilities.
  • Unique Combo system, rank up hits and collect Stars to unleash special attacks.
  • Battle over different battlefields, some sparkling with magic energies, other slowing your armored adventurers down.

Battle Loot Adventure will launch sometime in March for around .$99 cents, but because the trailer listed both iOS and Android, we remain skeptical that the Android version will release along side the iOS version. Let’s hope that if not a simultaneous release, us Android users wont be left out in the cold for too long before BLA makes its way on over to the Android Market. Does this game look amazing to anyone else?

Chris Chavez
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  1. Great!

    Phandroid, I am waiting your preview and/or review :)

    1. I got my eyes peeled for the release! :D

      1. This game just SOUNDS amazing. Can’t wait!

  2. This looks like Battleheart. I’m down!

  3. in the meantime, ill keep busy with zenonia, but cant wait to have turn based. kinda tired of the “keep hitting your enemy with countless sword hits” style

  4. I just want a turn-based game that: 1) loads fast and auto-saves so I can play for five minutes at a time on a train 2) uses a direct touch interface instead of a virtual d pad, and 3) has a reasonably long tech tree for character progression

    1. Have you looked at Battleheart? It’s not turn-based but it does hit your other wants and is damn fun.

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