Android Overload: Droid 4 Wireless Charging Battery Cover Now Available, Google Building New Experience Center At HQ and More


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend but now it’s back to hustle and grind of the work week. The good news? Loads of new Android content to bring you guys. And it’s pretty jam packed here in the Android Overload. This is where we stash all of the news stories that didn’t get a chance to make it onto our front page, in hopes that you’ll find something you like before we discard it forever into the depths of the world wide web.

  • Engadget goes hands-on with the white Galaxy Nexus. [Engadget]
  • The 9.7-inch Xvision an4 tablet with Android 4.0 will hit Japan in April. [Androinica]
  • Galaxy Nexus extended battery now available in the UK. [Mobi-City]
  • MediaTek MT6575 SoC has launched.
  • Google is building a new Experience Center at their HQ in San Francisco. [MercuryNews]
  • Aussies to receive slew of Samsung devices. Galaxy Note, GSII 4G and G-Tab 8.9 all headed to Australia. [UnwiredView]
  • Eye exams coming soon to your smartphone courtesy of EyeNetra. [Electronista]
  • Samsung Galaxy Pop Plus S5570i comes to India. [Flipkart]
  • Google loses bid to disqualify law firm they hired from suing Android OEM’s. [BusinessWeek]
  • MIT researches find way to increase wireless reception using error correcting codes. [Gizmodo]
  • Motorola Droid 4 receives wireless charging battery cover. [VerizonWireless]
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9 and 7 Plus receiving maintenance update. Manually check for the OTA update by jumping into your Settings > Settings > About Tablet > System Updates. [AndroidCentral]
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