YouTube for Google TV to get an update


Google has just announced a new update to come to YouTube for Google TV, in the coming days. We already know that some “big announcements” about Google TV are to come tomorrow, and this might very well be one of them. Let’s hope the coming announcements are much more exciting, though.

The new YouTube app will be available straight from the Android Market. New features include improved performance, with faster and smoother navigation. But they have also added a new feature called “Discover,” allowing you to browse YouTube channels by category.

Other extra features include the ability to see related/more videos from users and the addition of an info screen (from which you can execute a thumbs up, add it to your playlists or leave a comment).

We sure hope that this is not the only “big announcement” we have all been expecting. As it would not live up to all of this hype. For more details, check out Google TV’s blog, and let’s stay tuned to see when this update starts rolling out.

[Source: Google TV Blog]

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  1. paaahhhleeeease Hulu+

  2. Let’s hope Google rediscovered its company motto and will be allowing YouTube to resume on Roku.  I couldn’t care less about Google TV.

  3. Next new big update, Phandroid finally makes an image gallery to see these pictures…

  4. firefox on android market or google tv

  5. What in thee hell is going,on here

  6. In relation to the story, I did pick one up last week. I have to say that this is a great device. From videos I just downloaded to my phone, im about to try and hook up to it. Besides YouTube being slow. this whole shit rocks.

  7. Go fuck yourself.

  8. I want in?!?!?! 
    And to think I was going to give my money to a Nairobi Prince.

  9. Google needs to learn the difference between “big announcement” and “incremental update”

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