“Big announcements” for Google TV coming Monday


The Verge has spotted an update on Google TV’s Facebook page, stating “Get ready for Monday, we have some big announcements!”. So far, I can’t find the official Google TV page, so we’ll just have to take their word for it. It’s quite possible the page was temporarily taken down, following the update.

As for what could be announced, that’s anybody’s guess. It might have to do with the mystery entertainment device I wrote about last weekend, but that seems quite some time off. A new Google TV partnership with LG (as The Verge has mentioned) seems more likely. Or it could have something to do with new content deals.

[Via: The Verge]

Raveesh Bhalla
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  1. ICS
    Tungsten Device pair up
    New Content provider deals

    My guesses

    1. I searched high and low for this and it took me 3 seconds… LOL

    2. strangely enough it doesn’t open for me. Keeps redirecting to the home page

  2. I hope it means that now that google will/has control over Motos Cable Box division that they will do something for the horrendous interface

  3. For it to be big news, it has to be content provider deals.

  4. Anyone else notice the crickets? It’s tuesday and no word of what this was all about.

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