Poweramp update brings ICS lockscreen support, Honeycomb notification controls, and more


Music enthusiasts have probably heard of Poweramp before. If not, it is about time you check it out. It is arguably one of the best music players in the Android Market, offering features like full EQ settings, lyrics support and stereo “eXpansion.” But today, this app has just gotten a bit better, with its latest update to version 4.0.5.

This update is quite significant, and should get many of you music lovers quite excited. Here are the newest features to Poweramp:

  • build-480: ICS lock screen support
  • build-480: Android 3.0+ notification controls
  • build-480: Chinese translation (beta, big thanks to i-Free Company)
  • build-478: Japanese translation (big thanks to “sunatomo”)
  • build-477: fixed issue with installation on Android 3.0
  • build-477: Polish translation (thanks to Blazej Jezewski)
  • HTC Beats/SRS support
  • enabled DSP features are now displayed under equalizer curve
  • Poweramp now reshuffles list on repeat
  • fixed few ICS-related Poweramp issues
  • multichannel FLACs
  • option to search for album art based on just title/filename
  • Korean translation (big thanks to David Cho)
  • few other bug fixes and stability improvements

As one can see, the main features include ICS lock screen support, Android 3.0+ notification controls and HTC Beats support. As well as all the other bug fixes and small alterations.

Go ahead and hit the Android Market to get your update. And if you haven’t tried this music player yet, you should definitely consider it.

[Source: Poweramp]

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  1. nice poweramp can read stored google music files 

  2. I think that should be version 2.0.5  :)

  3. I really wish I could use this with my sync’d Google Music files. Poweramp sees them but somewhere along the line, all id3 info gets stripped out/stored somewhere so only the Google Music player can make use of it.

    1. I feel your pain as far as not working correct with Google music files. I wish Google and Power Amp would get together and work something out because Power Amp is the best player out there one of the 1st apps I purchased!

    2. I’ll second this.  I’d happily buy this a second time or as an expensive plug in.  it’s very worth it to me.  

  4. How do I turn on the beats software?

  5. I’ve been using poweramp for probably nine months, when I put a new rom on my phone I just go ahead and delete the stock music player(s) it is literally the best player on android and I have tried them all. Once you try it you will realize its worth the 5 dollars ( if you know how to set an equal of course, lower the master gain, and raise the equal to prevent clipping.

  6. see the google music importer app by sapien. takes the playlists and music from google music, and allows them to be found by poweramp…that way you can have the best of both worlds. I like Poweramp, but prefer all my music be on google music…but the stock players not the best like Poweramp. try it. 

    1. Will have to give that a try. Thanks for posting this!

    2. Looking into this now.   Thank you so much!

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