No throttling down of Full Monty data plan users: T-Mo UK


At a time when truly unlimited data plans seem like a thing of the past, T-Mobile UK’s announcement to offer it as part of their Full Monty option had people looking for possible loopholes. The most common suggestion was that the speed would be limited to 1 Mbps.

But fear not, our British readers, for I come bearing good news. T-Mobile UK has quite categorically stated that they will not throttle down the speeds of any user.

“We can confirm that we do not have a 1Mb/S maximum data download speed in place for The Full Monty plan – nor for any of our other pay monthly or pay as you go price plans – and we are confident that our average data speeds are as good, if not better, than anyone else in the industry.”

[via Android Central]

Raveesh Bhalla
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  1. I can agree with that, been with T-Mo for over 3 years now after switching from o2. There was an Ofcom report around that time saying that had the best mobile broadband, and it is impressive for coverage & speed. I was a bit miffed that they changed the 3GB limit down to 1GB per month, but they don’t charge or reduce speed if you go over so it hasn’t really made a difference. I have found them to be the cheapest network by far too :)

  2. True, they aren’t throttling to 1Mb. They’re just keeping the 2Mb throttle that can only be overcome by paying £20 extra per month to get the super fast mobile broadband (basically £5 for each word you want). Which is why I switched to 3 when my contract ended after having been lied to and fleeced ever since the G1 came out.

  3. My friend’s window cleaner’s sister’s dog says you should quit spamming and get lost.

  4. Interesting. Wonder if it was the same T-Mobile employee that categorically stated that my Unlimited Data package could not possibly be throttled as they don’t exist on their packages.

    And yet when I insisted my 3GB Capped package was returned my speeds immediately went back up to 4x faster. Magic.

  5. Just came across this article, but I am still not sure whether to get the Full Monty or One Plan. Has anyone has experience with both that could share?

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