Sprint to start an “Upgrade Now” program?


PocketNow reported earlier today that Sprint might be preparing an “Upgrade Now” program. This would allow current users to buy out the rest of their contract and upgrade to a new device for a fee (on a new 2-year agreement). The program is said to last for two months starting today, but we haven’t received any official news so far.

The fee depends on when your last upgrade took place.

$165 if you have upgraded 9-11 months ago

$125 if you have upgraded 12-14 months ago

$95 if you have upgraded 15-17 months ago

$55 if you have upgraded 18-21 months ago

$36 which is the standard Upgrade Fee if you upgraded more than 22 months ago.

There are quite a few people who might not be eligible, though. If you upgraded less than 8 months ago, have a corporate account, an airave account for a tablet, or an iDEN device, you’re out of luck.

The reason behind the upgrade? I’ll put my money on the impending launch of the Sprint Galaxy Nexus.

[via PocketNow]

Raveesh Bhalla
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  1. release the G-Nex so that i have something to upgrade to!

    come on Hesse!  get your ass in gear!!!

  2. So it will probably end the day before the Nexus is released.

  3. I didn’t realize that those prices included the $36 upgrade fee

  4. Sounds like a great deal.

  5. but Sprint’s getting 4G LTE soon, so everyone who upgrades now is shit out of luck when that rolls out…


  7. Yea thats why im not going to jump the gun to get the galaxy 2 cuz i wont have one of their 4g phones of quadcore

  8. She swallows?

  9. Looks like it cost just the same as buying out the life of your contract. This isn’t even a promo its common knowledge

    1. Sprint recently increased their contract-buyout fee to $350, or so, for any that would fall into the 9 month category. So, in a good way, I am glad I have enjoyed the SGSII for a short while and will then enjoy another new phone if this promo lasts long enough; if.

  10. Probably clearing out old wimax inventory, you would be a fool to upgrade to a new wimax device when LTE is on the way with wider coverage than what clearwire is providing Sprint.

  11. this is genius!

  12. I don’t know about Sprint anymore. Their average 3G is just as fast as Tmo’s 2G (throttled speed). So this means I can have Tmo’s coverage, and even if I’m throttled, I’ll still be getting decent speeds.

    I only get 4G when I’m driving on the road somewhere. I only get 4G at my bro’s house.

    Hmm… I don’t know about their LTE. I mean, Sprint took the cheap route with that 2.6Ghz WiMax. Does anyone know what frequency Sprint is trying to use for their LTE? Because if it’s insanely high again, I’m leaving this family plan and going back to Tmo. -_-

  13. This is good if only carriers followed suit. A upgrade now option is good.

  14. I have to agree with those who say it’s a way of clearing out WiMax phone inventory.

  15. This kinda feels like a desperation move to get rid of some of there wimax phones to the uninformed before there launch LTE. As an onwer of a Nexus S4G and epic 4g touch I can confidently say there data speeds are totally not worth it. Even on 4g…

  16. wow congrats to sprint for finally taking care of their customers when other carriers have been doing this for years!  There is no reason they shouldn’t have been doing this sooner, when customers are having to wait 22 months to upgrade.

  17. I’ve been Sprint almost 4 years now… They would have to pay me to get me to re up a contract with them.service is horrible and it isn’t even cheap.

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