Galaxy Note arriving at retail locations across Canada


Oh Canada! The Galaxy Note launch is tantalizingly close across the border (technically, across half a dozen or so, for me) and the phablet has started arriving at retail locations earlier this morning.

Personally, I had the opportunity to play with it at a mall nearby, and though I was impressed with the digitizer, the “Phone? Tablet?” question was a no-brainer to me: it’s way too big to be a phone. But hey, my myTouch 4G is tiny at 3.8”, so the adjustment is quite obviously a bit too much for me.

How many of you are really looking forward to picking it up on Valentine’s Day?

Raveesh Bhalla
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  1. Waiting for it to comes to Sprint. I’m getting kinda tired holding on to my upgrade. And I don’t want a Samsung Galaxy Epic Touch 2 4G Wifi also 3G tether also phone, lol or whatever its called.

  2. I just saw a guy standing at a store counter in the mall this afternoon holding this beast in his hand. Holy sh*t it’s huge! I would love something larger than my SGS2, but the Note may be a little big even for me.

    1. What do you mean “even for me”? I’m assuming you mean that you have above average hand-size (look up the measurements), in which case, it’s especially not too big. Cut the rectangular dimensions of the note out of a piece of paper/cardboard and hold it. It’s just right for man-hands.

      [edit: I wish someone would take a comparison photo of the GNote being held by people with 3 different hand sizes (10%, 50%, and 90% percentile ranks)

        1. I know of phone-size.com, but the comparison I was after should have actual peoples’ hands grasping it.

  3. Does it come with WiFi only?  If not, I’m not interested.

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