Motorola DROID 4 Now Available for $200


Ever since its CES 2012 introduction and long before that, we’ve been wondering more than anything: when is the Motorola DROID 4 coming out? Today is that day, however, as it’s February 10th. The Motorola DROID 4 is available from Verizon’s site for $200 on a new two-year contract.

There’s not a ton that’s different here from the previous version. There’s a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, a 4 inch display and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, though the latter has gotten a significant overhaul compared to the past three devices in this series. This also marks the first DROID (meaning this particular series of phones) to come with 4G LTE.

AndroidForums.com is already abuzz about its launch. Take a look at some of the threads going on there:

Be sure to head to the DROID 4 section at AndroidForums.com to get in on the discussion. Let folks know you have your phone, give your impressions and ask support from our healthy and helpful community of members. Be on the lookout for our review of the device later on today.

It’s also worth noting that Amazon has already posted a great discount on this phone. You can get the phone for $99 after a new two-year contract agreement. It looks like it’s shipping, too, so you won’t have to worry about a backorder period. Find the Amazon listing here, courtesy of AndroidForums.com.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. i was a diehard qwerty fan for awhile….

    Nexus > D1+D2+D3+D4

  2. I’m thinking this is old technology for CES 2021!

  3. “Ever since its CES 2021 introduction and long before that…”

    Gotta give credit to Quentyn.  He doesn’t just do his research, he travels through fucking time to get his stories.  That, my friends, is a real blogger.

    1. LMAO XD

  4. I read CES 2021 and I’m like…is this some new Droid 4 that remains to be seen? By then we’ll have a Droid like 32

  5. I’ve almost gotten to the point where I don’t want to read the comment sections on Android blogs because no matter what the news is somebody has to bring up how great their Nexus is.

  6. I used to be a die hard moto fan but locked boot loaders forced me to a nexus. I love it and don’t understand why butters wouldn’t want people excited about there new piece. I really hope you enjoy your D4 butters ; )

  7. Locked bootloader , non-removable battery = Locked wallet , non-removable money .

  8. on a side note verizon is offering double data again and im guessing anyone can switch since i did.

  9. Nexus< poop

  10. Lots of trolls these days.

  11. I want Droid 4 MAXX GLOBAL

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