Android Overload: Google working on personal communication device, update headed to Minecraft, and more

Plenty has gone on in the Android world this week and we have just a few leftover morsels to digest in our Friday edition of Android Overload.  But first, TGIF, guys. Another long week ends with what will hopefully be a good weekend for all. Speaking of the weekend, have you all noticed our new weekend staff? They’ll be here to cover for the rest of the crew as we recover from our own personal Android overloads. So play nice!
  • Aporkalypse for Google TV is now available. [Market]
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace LeFleur edition is headed to Russia. [Samsung Hub]
  • An update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition is expected tonight. [DroidGamer]
  • Google is working on a “next generation personal communication device” according to an FCC filing. [BGR]
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  1. A personal communication device…. like some sort of small electronic device that you carry with you, in say a pocket that can make and receive voice calls, possibly video calls as well.  It could connect to a high speed wireless network that spans the country, capable of downloading or uploading content from the web.

    But what could you call such a brilliant, never before seen invention?


    1. If said device is not dependent on verizon, at&t or such entities….  I’m all in.

    2. I reread this title ten times trying to finger out what the hell they were talking about, and what made this so called device not a cell phone…
      to no avail…

    3. A phone? Just a guess.

  2. I don’t think it’s a phone, doesn’t mention anything other than WiFi or Bluetooth. Tablet maybe? or a watch?

  3. I wonder what features will make this the “next generation” of personal communication devices…….

    GOOGLE, I demand you hand me one of those devices! :P

  4. What could Google possibly be working on that isn’t Android? What communication device could possibly be better than an Android device? Waste of my time..

  5. Google going to go all “Dick Tracy” on our asses?

  6. These comments are funny… its gonna be a phone, but instead of being made by another manufacturer it’s gonna be made my Google, and its gonna have all the latest and greatest features. Somewhat like a super phone I would imagine. They aren’t saying its some kind of new unheard of device they’re just saying it’s gonna be a next generation personal communication device, they don’t call it a phone because its much more than that. Even smartphones nowadays are much more than just phones.

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