Dungeon Hunter 3 Coming to Android Next Month


While Dungeon Hunter 3 has been available for iOS for quite a bit, Android hasn’t seen much love at all. We won’t have to wait long for the third installment into this mobile RPG series. Gameloft has tweeted that Dungeon Hunter 3 will be coming to Android sometime next month. It seems a bit far away since we’re still in the earlier parts of February but it’ll be no time before it’s in the market.

The game will feature 16 dungeons to start with all of the features you’d expect from the first two. We might even get multiplayer when it launches as the iOS version is due to get an upgrade for that next month, as well. If that isn’t available at launch we have no reason to be it won’t be available shortly after. Take a look at the teaser trailer above. [via Droid Gamers]

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  1. I’ve played it on the iPad.  They turned what was a pretty “OK” diablo clone in DH1 and 2 and turned it into a twin stick shooter.  Not to mention IIRC they made it F2P supported completely by in-game purchases.  I’d rather pay a few bucks and get everything OOTB

  2. Oh boy, another gameloft game that’ll just end up not being compatible with my phone…

  3. They shouldn’t bother, game sucks…

  4. Perfect! Another A class game that won’t install on my dualcore Tegra2 device. I don’t get it…

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