Rovio Has Two-Year Angry Birds Celebration With Birthday-Themed Update


Angry Birds has been available for quite a while now – two years, to be exact – and Rovio wants to celebrate its birthday with a new update. We’re getting 15 birthday-themed levels, bringing the total amount of levels to 300. You’ll get to play with the expandable orange bird, unlock new achievements and have all episodes unlocked from the beginning, a nice gesture from Rovio for celebration purposes. It’s all free, of course, so if you’re still hankering for some bird-slinging action set aside 15 megabytes of strage get the download in the Android market here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Yea, no new lvls, plus achievements are not in any Android versions

  2. If they wanted me to have a happy birthday, they’d get rid of the @()#@$*$ useless green bird.

  3. Yeah, they screwed the p00ch on this update, there are no new levels and nothing unlocked. 

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