Feb 8th, 2012

MapQuest may have become irrelevant in the emergence of Google Maps but they’re still alive and kicking. They’re opening their platform up to developers to create location-driven applications with and they have targeted one of the most lucrative mobile platforms – Android. Developers will be able to create applications and access the following features of MapQuest’s:

  • Advanced routing options and ability to display the route directly on the map
  • Built-in geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • Smooth animation when zooming/panning
  • Ability to rotate the map
  • Support of shape and image overlays

We’re not sure how seriously developers will take this but it’s interesting to see MapQuest trying to get such a presence on Android. If you’re a developer and you want to take advantage of these newfound APIs, head to MapQuest to get started. [Business Wire]