Android Overload: Cowon Z2 Plenue Now Available, AT&T Throttling Grandfathered Unlimted Data Users and More


It’s Monday once again. I hope you all had a great Super Bowl weekend but it’s back to the daily grind. The brightside? We have a healthy dose of the Android Overload for you tonight. These are the stories that made it past our desks throughout the day and before we toss them in the bin, we figured you let you guys give them a final once over. The one I particularly enjoyed taking a look at was the Cowon Z2 Plenue — not because of its specs — but because of its robust EQ settings. Wonder if someone could extract and port that to other Android devices? Here’s to hoping! Night, everyone.

  • Facebook may be planning to include in-line ads to their mobile app. [PCWorld]
  • GameCIH will give you cheats in just about any game (root required). [DroidGamers]
  • Sprint creates site to show iDEN tower eliminations. [Electronista]
  • Samsung is not affiliate with this Israeli ad showing off their tablet. Iran isn’t too happy [AllThingsD]
  • Cowon Z2 Plenue now available. [EverythingUSB]
  • AT&T throttling grandfathered unlimited data accounts after 2.1GB of usage. [iLounge]
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  1. Just like I said last year Facebook is becoming Myspace and is going down soon, everyone will make the jump to Google+. Everyone on Facebook had a Myspace and now everyone on Google+ has a Facebook, history repeats itself.


  3. Art is waq

  4. Att is waq

  5. Thats B.S. i lost my grandfathered unlimited data becase jack ass AT&T says my data is nt a smart phone data plan. Now im stuck with cap data

  6. I think the Samsung ad in Israel was funny. I hope no one gets in trouble over it. People can’t take a joke.

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