Best Buy offering flip cover case with Galaxy Note pre-orders


Best Buy has announced that customers pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T beginning February 5th will receive a little something extra for their interest. Pre-ordering the Note at a Best Buy/Best Buy Mobile store or online earns future owners a flip cover case to protect that sizable 5.3-inch display. The case normally retails for $29.99. The Galaxy Note will retails for $299.99 when it launches February 19th.

[via Best Buy]

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[UPDATE: Google responds] Verizon Galaxy Nexus, other CDMA devices, no longer listed with Google developer support

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  1. I’d wwnt a case with a kickstand and then I’d be set

  2. It’s a 2012 palm pilot!

  3. Galaxy note is a nice gadget but it is neither a phone, nor a tablet… better spend few more $ and buy the  Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
    I don’t know if AT&T have any offers for it right now??

      1. Too big for a phone… but if used for multimedia, browsing and so on you can actually do something on it, not just showing off with the device you bought recently.  I think Galaxy Note is too big for a phone as well :)

        1. I’ve had a 7 inch device and it’s very awkward in my pocket, but I think the Note will be just right.  I’ll be getting it at some point for sure.  

    1. The same reason people won’t like the Note are the same reason they would, the size.  I happen to like it.  There are many other options available for those who want something smaller.

  4. Verizon please.

  5. I wonder if you can pre-order if you’re buying out of contract.  

    1. They’re charging $750 or so off contract, AT&T will sell you one off contract for less, and the international version with no LTE but with exynos cpu is a little cheaper;  So check all options.  While I think this phone is going to sell well, I doubt you will have to wait long after release, if at all.

      1. Thanks!  I have to check with AT&T about plans anyways so I’ll look into that.  

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