Super Bowl 2012 Photo Contest: Show Us Your Game Face Using Camera ZOOM FX


It’s Super Bowl weekend and we, at Phandroid wanted to do a little something fun for you guys. We’re teaming up with AndroidSlide — developer of the hit Android app, Camera Zoom FX — to throw another fun filled photo contest that everyone can join in on. Since you’ll most likely be partying it up at home or with friends come Super Bowl Sunday, all we want is for you to capture how you celebrate the big day — whether it’s on your couch, with your family, at a bar, or painted up with your posse at Lucas Oil Stadium — and share it with us. The wilder and more crazy you get, the better.

The rules are simple:

  1. Download Camera ZOOM FX (now 40% off in the Market)
  2. Download Camera ZOOM FX’s “Buddy Pack” (free add-on in the Market)
  3. Select the Phandroid logo from the list of “buddies” (FX > Overlay > Buddy > Buddy Pack x1)
  4. Capture your best Super Bowl moment!
  5. Post the pic to either Facebook or Google + and tag our Phandroid page: Facebook | Google+

Winners — selected at random — will receive these awesome prizes:

If for some reason you can’t (or wont) download Camera Zoom FX — don’t worry. AndroidSlide still wants to hook you guys up too. Simply use the camera app of your choice to snap a pic of your Super Bowl moment and post it in the comments below. 20 runner ups will be selected to receive a free complimentary download of Camera Zoom FX. Of those 20 runner ups — 2 lucky winners will also receive:

  • 1st Place Winner: 32GB micro SD card (plus Camera Zoom FX)
  • 2nd Place Winner: 16GB micro SD card (plus Camera Zoom FX)

Sound like fun? Deadline for all entries will be 11:59PM PT on Super Bowl Sunday (2/05/2012). All winners must be 18 years of age or older and currently living in the US. We will contact you via Facebook, Google+ or the email tied to your Disqus account.

Good luck to everyone, your teams and have a great, safe weekend.

[Camera ZOOM FX | Camera ZOOM FX Buddy Pack]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Update: Removing my comment as the developer just got back to me and it seems that the very latest update have fixed the issues I’ve been experiencing on RAZR. Thanks for monitoring Phandroid – the best Android news source!

  2. Great idea for a contest – one of the best photo apps too!

  3. Super bowl sunday is 02/05/2012 2/02/2012 was yesterday

    1. and 02/05/2012 is the second of may 2012…
      sheesh, when will you yanks learn
      1/ “football” is played with a round ball by 99% of countries in the world
      2/ american football is a lame bastardisation of rugby, which is for real men
      3/ bastardization? the correct spelling is with an S not a Z
      ok im only kidding, it takes all coloUrs to make our world and i do like the yanks, so im gonna stay up late sunday night and watch the game…

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  4. Not being an american I have no interest at all in what they call football but…. bring on the Ad’s! I want to see the Samsung finale :D

  5. Being an American, I couldn’t care less about soccer or what the rest of the world calls football. Soccer is like the Oscars, therefore I can’t bear to watch it. Too much acting and whining like babies. On the other hand, playing soccer (football) is a great deal of fun and I enjoy a fun pick up game of soccer with my friends. I just can’t watch it on TV…kind of like golf.

  6. Yoshi is a real Giants fan! I  used camera fx to take the pic. But it is so frustrating and confusing to tag the facebook page so i posted the picture here.

  7. Yoshi is a real Giants fan! as you can See! Below.

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