Samsung releases Super Bowl ad teaser


What you see above is Samsung’s teaser for their Super Bowl ad. The clip is comprised mostly of segments from previous ads from Samsung’s most recent round of TV spots featuring the commentary of folks waiting in line for what is suggested to be the next iPhone. Of course, Samsung wants to tout that the next big thing is already here in the form of their gargantuan Galaxy Note. Will a full 90-second ad capture the hearts of Americans everywhere during the fourth quarter of the showdown in Indianapolis? Perhaps the bigger questions is: since when do company’s advertise for their own advertisements?

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    Just focus on putting current OSes on your phones rather than jabbing at crapple.

    1. especially when they seem intent on ripping everything off from Apple, then turn around and try to make fun of the very culture they hope to have surrounding their smartphones in the future.

      1. uuuhhhhhh is that what we call competition/business. apple just stole what the Palm TREO (which was the HOTTEST SELLING phone before CRAPPLE phone) was and threw a linux kernel at it and you got the Iphone.  so dont knock samsung for what apple also did because if competition wasnt so crazy everyone would be driving a FORD and no one would have made cars if it wasnt for competition.

        1. The iPhone was a whole lot more different than simply throwing a Linux kernel inside a Treo.

          Loved my Treo (still have it). Not too crazy about the iPhone. But the iPhone brought a way more intuitive and user friendly GUI to smartphones. 

          1. Don’t know which Treo you owned but the iPhone wasn’t any more intuitive than mine. And I had plenty of opportunity to run out and get one which I did when Android came along. And I did so because it brought something better to the table. I simply wasn’t confused by my Treo. Neither were any of my friends that had one.

            Sorry but I’ll never understand this “more intuitive UI” argument when theres barely a UI to the iPhone to begin with. Now a more finger friendly UI yes….but more intuitive…no.

      2. Notification bar, multitaksing, voice commands, all things Android had way before iOS had them.
        Now for the things that *phone still doesn’t have: bigger screens, higher rez screens, 4G, faster processors, open sourced, widgets, personality, customization, better keyboards etc… I’m sorry didn’t mean to make you jealous. Or make you look ill-informed. But I guess that’s what happens when you don’t know what your talking about. “But we have superior battery life.” Said in a high-pitched girly voice. Who cares? I’ve got two batteries that let me make it through an entire day of hardcore interaction with my Galaxy Nexus. “But Siri is way more advanced than Android voice commands.” And a novelty at best. I don’t need to go around asking my phone what the weather is gonna be like. I can just walk outside. If you need your phone to do that then that smartphone isnt gonna help you in life. Now go find another bridge to crawl under Trolls.

        1. Higher resolution screens and faster processors are some things the iPhone doesn’t have? Now look who’s the troll. Lol. Retina display and the A5 chip which is dual core. Your argument has been invalidated.

          Now, I have an Android and will always own an Android device, but at least give credit to the iPhone for the few (and I mean very few) things that it can do better than Android. Siri being one of them.

          1. The resound has a pixel density of 340 on a 4.3 in screen while the iPhone has only 326 on a 3.7. If you was to try and make that screen larger you would do so sacrificing pixels. And the A5 is dual core yes but still only at 1GHz my Nexus is underclocked at 1.2GHz. All this is on the back of MWC where Samsung is likely to unveil a 2GHz. So no my point is not uninvalidated

          2. Siri’s got more competition than it can handle… For eg Iris and Evi….and oh for you so called iphone dual core chip….its outdated and when the tegra 3 wave hits your phone will be like a pentium 2 compared to the tegra 3……. Quad Core 1.5Ghz + companion core running at 500mhz…….6ghz of raw power for the android…..lets see your apple compete with that……and retina display density had been broken long time ago…..nothing special there….ANDROID FTW!

  2. Commercials make plenty of sense to me. You have all these people waiting in line for something thats not even top of the line. I mean lets be honest. Didn’t the iFans get excited about things like proper notifications and multitasking when they could have had that already. If it seems like its belittling iPhone users its because of the rather stupid stuff they do just to stay loyal to Apple. Samsung is just putting the truth on display here.

  3. Since when do people spell a word that should be plural (companies), spell that word possessive (company’s).  Should have listened to your English Teacher.

    1. LOL. I make that mistake all the time when writing. Not because I don’t know the difference, simply because I speak what I’m saying in my head and let my hands take over. Then, when proof reading, I look for misspelled words and nothing shows up. *sigh* 

      1. You don’t actually expect us to believe that, do you?! LOL, You’re fun to read, Chris, but how about we stay somewhat within the bounds of reality? :p

      2. Dude I thought you were perfect, now I know better!

    2. I don’t think there is a single phandroid blogger who knows the proper use of apostrophes. That’s why they’re bloggers and not professional journalists. lol, don’t take this site overly serious, it’s meant to be fun, not the WSJ of Android blogsites.

    3. Now why hasn’t anyone done a poll on whether iOS users or Android users are more inclines to point out grammar issues?  I’ll just Android will probably win by a landslide… :p

  4. Actually, I am getting a little tired of all this stuff about the Note. The NOTE is no longer new, in case you haven’t noticed. It has already sold over a million times since it was introduced. By now I was expecting the NOTE 2, with a better chip set, a MUCH later version of Android, and an updated, finer pen input and software system. Where is it? 

  5. Actually, I am getting a little tired of all this stuff about the Note. The NOTE is no longer new, in case you haven’t noticed. It has already sold over a million times since it was introduced. By now I was expecting the NOTE 2, with a better chip set, a MUCH later version of Android, and an updated, finer pen input and software system. Where is it? 

    1. It’s new to America and the average consumer.

    2. The Note is still very new. The international version saw wide release at the end of November, 2011 — just 2 months ago! — and the US version is set to be released only ~2.5 after that with an ICS update in one more month.

      We’ll be waiting until at least late-Q3 (and even later in the U.S.) for the Note 2 with its upgraded SGS3 quad-core guts and non-pentile display.

  6. What’s the point of this being for the Galaxy Note?? You really think iPhone folks are going to want to use a Galaxy Note as a phone? LOL

    This commercial should be for the Galaxy S II and/or the Galaxy Nexus. To be honest the market for the Galaxy Note is pretty limited.

    That said I would love to have a Galaxy Note (however I’m not a Apple product user), I would probably use is as a tablet since I don’t have one, and since I already have a Galaxy Nexus. Then again if I was to buy a tablet I would much prefer the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

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