Bold or old? Who is the real Team BlackBerry? [HUMOR]


RIM recently took to Twitter to conduct an informal poll of BlackBerry users. On New Year’s Eve the smartphone maker asked #TeamBlackBerry how they planned to #BeBold in the new year. The result not only made for a rather useless infographic but also resulted in the creation of a team of masked avengers. GoGo Girl, Max Stone, Justin Steele, and Trudy Foreal were created to characterize certain BlackBerry users, but our friends over at WinSource had a different view.

I know, I know. It’s especially cruel to kick RIM while they are down, but we can’t help but get a laugh out of it all. When Windows Phone users can make a justifiable jab at the expense of a once-dominant smartphone maker, you know the tides are turning. Don’t even be fooled for a second that the rise of Android didn’t contribute largely to RIM’s demise, and with Google and crew looking into more and more ways to make the OS enterprise-friendly it’s more than safe to say that the BlackBerry is a dying breed.

It would actually make for a really great comic book storyline in the vein of Frank Miller’s darkly toned Batman books of the late 80s. The once triumphant hero is forced out of retirement in an attempt to thwart their greatest foe yet only to die, of all things, from a heart attack. Sad, yes. But let’s not weep too much for the BlackBerry name.

[via Winsource]

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  1. Apple

  2. pretty funny,and i would say by some of BBs advertising,probably pretty accurate

  3. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy would NEVER be caught dead with Blackberries!

  4. I laughed.

  5. It’s sad to see RIM struggling.  Hopefully their new os works out.  Nothing beats a BB keyboard but their browsing and crap sucks.

  6. Funny, but in the UK at least, not true. The kids here go ape for BBM. All the rioters last August used BlackBerry to communicate and plan the next wave. Never understood BBM with its pin numbers and such. It’s like WhatsApp but inconvenient.

    1. really, i mean back when i used blackberrys i probably only had two contacts on bbm. it was simpler to text, but i did like how it merged my emai, text, facebook, and yes even myspace messages into one place.

  7. Batman FAKED a heart attack to fool superman, up till the point the drug kicked in (prematurely) he was handing superman his ass!

    And then on the last page you find out Batman is NOT dead, but faking in.

  8. I would buy an Android phone manufactured by RIM. They would have to release it with a 4-5inch large screen, powerful processor and GPU, 1-1.5GB RAM, excellent 3G/4G radio, great battery life and maintain the Blackberry build quality with integrated Blackberry security. The new CEO will never do that.

    1. Also they would need to make sure you could remove the battery, since it would be hard to do a battery pull on a built in battery

  9. best analysis i’ve read about this RIM marketing campaign –

    RIM’s Silly Superheroes Won’t Save Anything
    ARTICLE DATE : January 31, 2012
    By Sascha Segan
    Rarely am I actively embarrassed for a major tech firm, but BlackBerry makers RIM sent me hiding under my desk today,2817,2399615,00.asp

  10. Is their target population children? hahaha those super heroes are super lame

  11. Can’t say I wasn’t surprise to see this coming. LOL

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