Samsung Galaxy S III candidate (GT-i9300) gets WiFi certification


Last week we saw the Samsung GT-i9300 appear on Samsung’s support site only to be pulled later, a sure sign that Sammy wants to keep something secret about that specific model number. The designation is in line with Samsung’s flagship series of phones and is a likely candidate to match up with the upcoming Galaxy S III and has once again shown up in official documentation, this time earning its certification from the WiFi Alliance. No other details can be discerned from the entry. At this point the GT-i9300 could be just about anything — with little else to go off of we can only speculate. While most expect Samsung to unveil their latest Android masterpiece at Mobile World Congress, there is some uncertainty as to whether or not that will happen. In a recent earnings call Samsung said they have yet to finalize plans for the announcement of the device.

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  1. iSUCK 5, BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. it will still sell better than SG3. 

      1.  a lot of idiots out there.

        1. actually, i might switch to iphone 5 if it got 4G speed. right now i have SGN… it wasnt that great if you ask me. mainly the browser. no prediction, no fixed landscape mode, no real desktop mode, slow once in a while. the phone take a while to reconnect once the signal dropped. battery life.. .sigh. 

          1. i dont think you’re allowed to say things like that around here. * whispering* im secretly thinking of doing the same thing

          2. It’s a shame we got that phone on Verizon. The galaxy s2 was a much better piece of hardware. Exynos processor, 8mp Samsung camera sensor ect. I hope the gs3 comes to Verizon. I took back my gnex for the 4s for the battery life and camera, but man, even jail broken there are so many limitations on the iPhone. It’s hard going from android to an iPhone. The new apple processor is probably gonna take a good 6 months to jailbreak too. The iPad2 just finally got an untethered jailbreak.

      2. Only reason it sells better is because of it’s simplicity for kids, old people, or people who think it will make them “cooler”. As a regular user of both Android & iOS, Android is far more advance than iOS. It already has been stated that more developers are already flocking to Android, so you will see more exclusivity going forward.

        1. I use an Android phone and I love it, but I’ve also used an iPhone.  I have never had my iPhone freeze, or reboot without me telling it to.  I’ve never had to battery pull (although to be fair you can’t).  And I’ve never had issues with lagging GUI or choppy music.  Now, I am not switching back to iOS for other reasons, but don’t just discredit the iPhone as an ignorant person’s phone or a trendy phone.

          1. My galaxy nexus never rebooted and didnt crash for the 2 weeks I used it. I have had quite a few apps crash on my 4s, and about 2 reboots. But agree. The iPhone has a much more consistent experience, but that’s because they have one phone to improve. If manufactures spent the same amount of time as apple on each phone I’m sure it would be just as good. Until companies start to make one main flagship phone that don’t require different coding each time, this will continue to be the case. But it has improved a LOT

          2. This is where ICS is coming into play. Google is trying to make it as similar to every other phone. That’s also why ICS has some Honeycomb features. You’re right, it is getting a whole lot better.

        2. Comment like that and people like you, it making me hate android more and more.

          I dont know about you, but my friend’s 4s speed are beating my sgn easily. From opening apps and browsing on fb, its super smooth and lag free.

          Also, it seem android are more like a car. It need to be tuned before use. While iphone is like an expensive car, use it right away.

          I also disagree on old people and kids. The way you say it are making me feel like android are only for nerds.

    2. You give Android fans a bad name.

      1. a little competition is healthy for both parties and us, consumers :D

    3. isuck 5….how original 

  2. If galaxy s2 still best android phone why would they release it anytime soon, they will release until they get a decline in sales for that phone by a threat of a better phone. Why would they compete with themselves?

    1. because thats the way android works,they dont necessarily look at sales the same way apple does,they just need to have their name out there as much as possible. and with the GS3,samsung could have the top two android phones in the market all to themselves. but this thing better be beast,because from what i’m hearing about iphone 5,they probably dont need to risk leaving anything out.

      1. samsung already has the top 3 android phones on the market , galaxy nexus, galaxy s2  and galaxy note, ok so this will make it top 4 i get it.

        1. Yeah,I forgot about the note

    2. Because the Galaxy S 2 isn’t the best?
      Both the Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4s beat it spec wise, and in everything else (screen, design, etc.)

      1. galaxy nexus is by the same company! lol and iPhone is not an android phone fyi! making my argument accurate!

      2. I would take the gs2 any day over the galaxy nexus or 4s. The screen is the only thing better on the gnex over the gs2. Camera sucks, battery life sucks(it a TI not exynos), its thicker, worse build quality and so on. ISC on the gs2 will make it that much better. But I have Verizon :(

        1. Being thicker is not a valid argument. -_-
          And the Galaxy Nexus has a better resolution, but the colors are more vivid on the GS2. So… why would I want an HD screen of bland colors?

          The 4S is just too restricted. I mean ICS is going to fix all the problems people are having, supposedly. TBH, I think HTC or LG should have made the Nexus 3, not Samsung. Or maybe even Motorola.

  3. Too early to bring the gslll. It should launch with the iPhone5. Just saying.

    1. if they launch it in Europe and/or Asia now, we might just see it across the pond around iPhone5 time.. 

  4. I don’t get this whole better more powerful processor craze in Android phones. Only if Google would fix the lag, they wouldn’t need super phones to get rid of the annoying lag. 

    Windows Phone and iPhone both hardly ever lag. Fluid and smooth with far less powerful processors.

    I’ve had an Android phone since the G1 days. Had a Nexus one and an owner of a Nexus S. 

    I can’t wait for the iPhone 5 to come out so I can jump ship. Waited for too long for Google to clean up it’s act. 

  5. The Nexus devices aren’t for people like you, so do yourself a favor and buy the iPhone…

  6. I sure hope Samsung can get their radios up to par with HTC and Moto very soon. My SGSII reception sucks compared to my HTC device, and I hear Moto’s get good reception too. I LOVE Samsung phones.. but what good are they if reception sucks?.. I’ll be looking for Moto and HTC in the future unless this is improved. 

  7. release the beast!

  8. Nah, bring the SIII soon!!! I wanna upgrade soon! lol

  9. Rumour] Samsung is to unleash two
    Tablets at MWC 2012 (P5100 & GT-P3100) not Galaxy SIII


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