Latest GetGlue overhaul makes watching your favorite movies and shows even more social


GetGlue is ready for a new year of changing the way viewers interact around their favorite movies and shows with the release of an overhauled Android app chock full of new features. While the premise remains unchanged, a new visual stream combines comments and images from check-ins to create “user generated art.” The new stream aims not only to be more aesthetically pleasing but also to make discovering new content easier. A new conversation screen allows users checked-in to the same show to actively discuss and comment while viewing. Guides have been implemented to curate new show suggestions based on past choices and user preferences. The changes are all designed to make finding, viewing, and discussing shows a more dynamic process focused on community and discovery.

All the new features are rolled into a gently massaged and updated interface that seems to hit all the right notes. If you are big media junky and haven’t checked in to checking out GetGlue, this new release may have something for you. Get it at the Android Market link below.

Android Market Download: GetGlue

[via GetGlue]

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