Third-party Steam apps being removed from the Android Market?


Nothing like a little controversy to add a dash of excitement to another Monday, right? With an official Steam app promised for months but few signs that a release would happen in a timely manner, several developers took up the online gaming service’s freely available API and crafted it into a number of not-so-bad mobile clients. Everything was all hunky-dory until Valve finally launched the official version last week. Now third-party alternatives are dropping from the Android Market faster than terrorist baddies in Counter-Strike.

There is no proof that the two events are linked, but this seems a bit more than coincidental and has us scratching our head. If you have been using a Steam client on Android that you prefer over the official version, cherish it, back it up, and avoid uninstalling it. While some of these apps may find their way to other marketplaces, there is no guarantee.

[via DroidGamers]

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  1. The official version is better without question (ie ability to use chat, plus all the abilities of the unofficial apps) so why would you want to limit yourself to an unofficial app?

    1. North speaks the truth. The official version is superior in every way than the alternatives.

      1. It really is. None of the third party apps had chat, so I uninstalled the one I had been using. Was a nice substitute, just not the real thing, so meh. I’d rather be using a developer’s own app when available than going through third party app.

  2. So how long until Steam sells games for android?

  3. Thanks a lot Google, way to pull an iOS

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