Official Steam for Android Application Now Available


Following the launch of third party app Steam for Android, the folks at Valve have released an official application of their own. Their steam for Android focuses on a lot of the same things that the third party app does. You can look at the latest deals, browse community groups and profiles and stay up to date with the latest gaming news. They take it a step further with a built-in chat feature, something that the unofficial app didn’t have due to limited API access. While that app was great it’s never a bad idea giving the official one a whirl. Check it out here and let us know how it stacks up. [Thanks Randy!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Beta only currently

  2. I’m not a part of the beta? :(

  3. I’m not a part of the beta? :(

  4. I’m not a part of the beta? :(

  5. Where do you sign up for that beta at?  I’m guessing it’s closed right now?  =(

    1. If you try signing in it will specify that it’s beta only, but that a note has been appended to our account and that more invites will be sent out shortly…or something like that.

      So to answer your question, just try to sign into the mobile app.

  6. Yeah signing in the add a note that says you will be added to the list and will be sending out more invites shortly.

  7. beta and added to the list

  8. Curious how after the non official app, there is an official one.Seems like Valve didnt new of the android os….

  9. Please add to the story that this is a “Closed Beta”.  Not everyone will be able to use this.

  10. Beta only…..

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