Samsung may have an updated Galaxy Nexus up their sleeve


If you are the type that likes to go around believing just about everything on the internet, then Samsung has a new Galaxy Nexus on the way with an updated CPU. According to a NenaMark benchmark report, a recently tested GNex was logged with a PowerVR SGX 544 GPU, a component not matching the SGX 540 GPU of the TI OMAP4460 chip found in the current generation of Nexus handsets. The SGX 544 does, however, accompany the OMAP4470, an upcoming chip from Texas Instruments that is feature-packed. Clock-able up to 1.8GHz, the dual-core system-on-a-chip promises some significant speed improvements over what is currently available from TI.

This is the first we have heard of a potential hardware upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus, so we will take the listing with a grain of salt (there are definitely ways to fudge with the results of these benchmark tests). For now we can only speculate on the potential of an even more powerful handset than the one that is already available. Then we can proceed kick ourselves for being early adopters with the first release.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. So I buy a gnex over the weekend and an updated one might be released? At least I bought it at costco :) 

  2. Don’t get your hopes up.

  3. At the speed Samsung is releasing the galaxy nexus to tmobile/att, i would not even think for a second that this new “change” would be effective immediately… I say maybe in 6 months.. still doubt it though

  4. Good for customers who have yet to purchase the Galaxy Nexus. Such as myself. That is where the good stops.

    Bad for early adopters.
    Bad business decision by Google.
    Bad overall image for Androids Flagship device.

    They shouldn’t do it.

    1. But it wouldn’t be a true android device if another version didn’t come out within 3 months of the first release!  

      (I’m a huge android fan, just poking fun at ourselves)

    2. I just purchased this phone last night and now I’m questioning my decision. I don’t like all the Iphone BS when you get one then the next greatest model comes out right after that and I feel like that’s what is going on with this phone. Seriously why didn’t you just put that in there to begin with?!

      1. the iphone comes out once a year. there is no bs with getting one and being outdated right away. in fact its basically how the nexus line is right now

        1. Indeed, pretty much why the iPhone holds its resale value so well too.

          1. that and the fact that it gets updates even two years after release. 

          2. Yeah, but not all the functionality that should come with the updates on older devices (i.e. Siri). ;-)

          3. At least with an Android device it gets ALL the features of the update, except the hardware related ones.

            Apple devices may get updates, but they’re so minimal that it’s lyk you didn’t get an update at all. For example, my iPod 2G was updated to the 4.0, but I STILL couldn’t even add a wallpaper for the background. Because programming that was just so hard to do. -_- Jailbreaking fixed that. Though that’s besides the point, but you see what I mean.

          4. i see what you guys mean. but then again take a look at the 3gs. it started with ios3 and now its on ios5 with all the features of ios5 except for siri. its easier for apple to support devices longer just by the nature of their model. one model a year means less unique phones which means easier software support. good thing android has awesome hackers to make everything work on anything :)

        2. The iphone is outdated the day its released just like any other phone..Its just not outdated by a iphone.

      2. The difference would not be noticeable. Not that it will even happen. This is a Nexus. You bought a great phone. Enjoy it!

    3. I think that this is going to be the Sprint version. Just tossing that out there.

      1. agreed – or an American GSM model

      2. I’d prefer a xynos in the sprint version, but I guess beggers cantb e choosers

  5. i wouldn’t be surprised if this was just a new galaxy device samsung plans on launching before they release the new galaxy s3 lineup with quad core.  i highly doubt it’ll be an updated galaxy nexus, though performance wise the latest nexus was a step behind the competition when it came to performance.

    that would ruin the point of a nexus device
    so you dont feel outdated
    there is on eper year
    dont do it
    i dont care if the specs are underwelming
    just dont do it

  7. I don’t see them doing it. If they were going to do it. They would have update the Sprint device. 

  8. I just hope this is also for verizon, I’ll be pissed if the nexus for sprint is faster.

    1. *rolls eyes”. The difference would not be noticeable. Not to mention, Sprint’s LTE will be harder to find, than Waldo.

  9. Why couldn’t this be the Sprint Nexus in current testing? Same thing, slightly different specs and aesthetics, which is what Sprint usually demands in its own devices.

    1. because its a nexus. and nexus’ are supposed to be the same everywhere. The sprint nexus s looks identical to the gsm version so if they follow the trend of nexus’, the sprint galaxy nexus should be the same. 

      1. what about the Nexus S / Nexus S 4G?

        1. the only difference is the addition of wimax. it is otherwise pretty much the same shape and the rest of the specs are identical

    1. good point right there

    2. A refreshed Nexus would most likely be in the GT-i92XX series of numbers since it may be the same device with just a different processor. 93XX should be a new series of phones like the S3’s.

  10. The leaked ad for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus showed a 1.5ghz processor speed, as opposed to the 1.2ghz on the “current” GNex.

    If the OMAP4470 is clockable up to 1.8, wouldn’t 1.5 be a good speed for a balance of performance, stability, and battery life?

    As a Sprint user holding out for this device, it’d be nice to get something for my wait. That and the fact that since I don’t have WiMax in my area yet, LTE is out of the question.

    1. “since I don’t have WiMax in my area yet, LTE is out of the question”
      Dude, Sprint stopped pretty much any meaningful Wimax expansion well over a year ago. The last Sprint press release about Wimax service in a new area was December 2010, for the San Fran area. Since that time, it’s been little minor upgrades in areas that already have Wimax (like a small expansion to the San Fran Bay area around May or June last year). You’re more likely to get 4G service this go-round. :)

    2. The 4460 can be clocked to 1.5 and since Sprint doesn’t have to worry about lte battery life…I’m sure that is what they will get.

      1. It will have an LTE radio, just no Sprint LTE towers til mid year. 

    3. The leaked ad also said 16 GB storage……..that is not true. What makes you believe the clockspeef? Don’t cherry-pick.

  11. If they do, then they also lost my loyalty to their brand.

    1. U R stupid.

      1. lol look who’s talking

  12. well at least it’s Verizon customers that are getting screwed.  they should be used to it by now anyway.  it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

    1. It’s not much different when compared to T-mobile getting a different CPU on their GSII when compared to everyone else!

    2. I am not getting screwed. My Nexus is the best phone I’ve ever owned, regardless of what comes out later. Get a life.

  13. The point of the nexus series is so that devs have a reference tool for their apps, not for consumers. So if you are a high end app dev that produces apps for future devices, then you need more power, especially gpu for games.

  14. While you are at it, Google and Samsung, install a micro sd card slot in the Sprint Galaxy Nexus as well.

    1. Why? 32 GB is plenty.

      1. Because removable storage is MUCH BETTER on a DEVELOPMENT PHONE. Not to mention it speeds up file transfers and allows you to get your important data in case the phone is destroyed. 

        1. FTP file transfer is very fast. I use Dropbox a lot as well. Data should always be backed up somewhere. SD cards can malfunction easily.

  15. I would be extremely pissed off if this is true. I just spent $700+ for this phone and now they’re talking about a new version with a spec bump? If that’s how Google wanted it, they should’ve built the nexus that way from the beginning. The specs sound sweet , but there is no way I’m dropping that kind of money again. They’re going to tarnish the Nexus name all over again if they really go through with this…

    1. The phone you have is awesome. STFU and enjoy it. There will always be phones with better specs just around the corner.

      1. STFU? Is that how your mother taught you how to speak to strangers? You’re a real tough guy on the internet right? Trust me son, I’m not new to android in any way, so I know there are always bigger and better phones around the corner , but to have bought a nexus phone ,where normally you’d have a full year before the next iteration,and now Google may be releasing another galaxy nexus with better specs just two months later is a bit disheartening . I don’t want the Nexus to end up like the Moto Razr,or the HTC Sensation. I know I not the only person that would be pissed . Do you even have the Galaxy Nexus???

        1. Yes, I have the Nexus, running AOKP Milestone 3 that was just releases last night. First of all, there won’t be a newer version. Even the Sprint version coming out in several months is the same version as the Verizon version. The processor is clocked the same. Silly rumors like this stir the feathers of you internet drama queens. Even if a newer version were to come out with a slightly higher clockspeed, I would not care. The difference would be negligible. My Nexus is buttery smooth. More clock speed would mean more battery drain. No, thank you! People don’t throw hissy fits when a newer model of a PC releases. You buy something that works, and that you feel is future proof, at least for 2 years. The current Nexus fits that bill. Stop obsessing over small spec bumps, and enjoy the beauty in your hands.

          1. Thanks for letting me know milestone 3 was out lol running it now.

      2. You know what , don’t even bother answering me bro, I just realized that you’re trolling the whole page and youre just here to piss people off .

  16. This would be horrible for Google, Android, and the Nexus brand all together. If they do this early sales of any device android should suffer, because smart customers will wait for the improved versions just weeks later.

    1. um….the sprint galaxy nexus likely won’t come out until june.  by then it’ll be pretty obsolete, so I don’t understand what everyone’s complaining about.  as a matter of fact, they BETTER make the phone better for us sprint users who have to wait an extra half year.

      1. There was not even a rumor of it coming out til June. Your just assuming that because Sprint’s LTE towers won’t roll out til then. 

        All carriers sold phones with LTE radios before their LTE towers rolled out. 

        Sprint has the Gnex featured on their home screen of their website and had already made ads (like the leaked one before CES). So I doubt that a carrier starts heavily promoting a phone 6 months(!) before it’s released, especially if it’s already on another carrier. 
        Mark my words, this phone is coming out in no more than a month and a half  from now. 

        1. You are incorrect. Neither Verizon, nor att sold a single LTE device before they had an LTE network. Then they sold only USB dongles for a few months before releasing phones. BTW, Verizon has a 6 month exclusive. Not to mention, Sprint said at CES to expect a mid year release. They are touting it as their first LTE phone. No way in hell they’d release it with zero LTE.

        2. your words have been marked

  17. I just want them to fix browser keyboard prediction and add fixed landscape mkde and real desktop mode. Typing without prediction is pain in the butt on galaxy nexus.

  18. These tests seem fake to me, but who knows, maybe Samsung will make some improvements to the Galaxy Nexus for Sprint. I know a few Verizon customers that will be disappointed if this rumor turns out to be true.

    1. Why should they be? That would be retarded. A small bump in processor speed would make no difference. This phone is no slouch.

      1. Well, Samsung is known to bring changes to their smartphones depending on the carriers (take the S2, or the S1 for instance). 

        1. Not a Nexus…

          1. They did with the nexus s and the nexus s 4g.

          2. No they didn’t. They are the same phone. One just has wimax support.

          3. Well that is a difference, they added wimax support and the other was just 3g so that’s a difference, they don’t even get the same ota like the nexus one did

          4. HSPA+ is as much 4G as wimax. Not that either of them are. But, the phones both have a different radio. That is to be expected, for different carriers. None of the Nexus phones get the se OTA. It is a carrier phone. The Nexus One was not a carrier phone.

          5. Not that it matters anyway I don’t believe the Nexus S was HSPA+ at least not the first model that came out was when I was phone shopping.

  19. Hopefully this is the T-mobile version :D :D

  20. If they do this I’ll be sending my gsm nexus back to Samsung demanding the updated version. And if they turn their nose up at me there will never be another Samsung device in my home again. And I’ll also turn all of my family and friends against them as well. If this happens then in my opinion there should be grounds to sue both Samsung and Google for misleading their customers.
    I don’t care if it’s even an updated model for att, which I’m using my gsm version on. I still would not be happy about it. The same should happen for Motorola/Verizon customers over the razr/razr maxx. People that were early buyers ended up paying $100 for a cheap 16gb micro sd card. I think both moto and Verizon should give those customers something in return for screwing them over.
    Just my thoughts.

    1. Are you off your meds? New phones come out all the time. Be happy with what you have. A slightly updated processor is just that. The current model is no slouch. It has a dual core processor, a gig of RAM, an HD display, and LTE. I’m perfectly happy.

  21. just another reason why you;

    a: do your research
    b: dont go out and buy a phone the day it comes out just because you want to be the only one out of all your friends to have one.

    and samsung didnt make you buy the galaxy nexus, you decided to, pretty hard to sue them. they called it the most advanced android phone,and at the time,it was. but they’re not obligated to tell you about every product they want to come out with the second they think it up.

    dont like it? move on,its just a phone.

    1. Research? What possible research could have been done by potential Nexus buyers that would tell them an updated version *may* be coming out a month and a half after release? Don’t be moronic.

      1. then you would probably fall under B: dont run out and buy a phone the day it comes out just because you want to be the onlyone out of all of your friends to have one

        and you sound a little angry, i would suggest that you probably also fall under the advise “move on, its just a phone”

        1. Boy, you just know everything don’t you? I actually didn’t buy the phone the day it came out. I’m also not even that angry because even if it does come out, it likely won’t land on Verizon.

          The only thing that bothers me is someone like you coming on here living in hindsight telling people they should have “researched”. Give me a break.

          In fact, if they HAD researched like you suggested, they would know that something like this WOULDN’T happen to a Nexus device.

          1. everything? no,most things? possibly. But thats not the point, because it doesn’t take hindsight, or alot of intelligence, to know that researching a product before you buy it is a smart thing to do.

            and even if no amount of research would have told you about this PHONE…who the hell cares? its a PHONE….people need to stop crying so much.

            and apparently they wouldn’t “know” that something like this wouldn’t happen….because it is happening.

  22. This would go along with the leaked Sprint ad that stated it would 1.5GHz (1.8GHz -.3GHz, likeVerizon’s TI 4460 CPU is 1.5GHz – .3GHz)Plus at the CES demo engadget said the device was “as the phone is far from being a final product and still had early software builds” which would point to the fact that the Sprint G. Nexus wasn’t the usual G. Nexus released in Nov.


  23. I honestly want an at&t version. Having problems choosing my next phone in august, hopefully HTC releases a new handset by then, or I might go with that 

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  25. Hoping this is the Sprint LTE flagship version. I think they wanted it beefed up some to contend with a possible announcement of the Iphone 5 in coming months. Also, it’s being released almost a half year after the original so why not?

  26. Please, put a more resistent screen on this version. I have bought the SGN European version and it already has a big and deep scratch on its screen. I had a HTC Nexus One for about 2 years and it never got any scratch. Samsung quality is not on par with HTC’s.

  27. Official Tmobile version? Lol

  28. If this is true, then I feel like we gnex users just got Motorola-ed!

  29. Luls.  You nexus owners have a nice phone, get over it.  Hell, if you wanted the best specs you wouldn’t of bought the Nexus in the first place.

  30. I don’t feel bad if the upgrade rumor is true. The CPU in my GNex is fast enough for what I use it for, and the main limitation is Verizon’s awful 4G coverage in LA (their tower locations are set as if Los Angeles has no topology like hills and elevated freeways). Verizon’s nearest tower to my house is at the *bottom* of the hill, and the whole plain of the hilltop is an extremely low reception zone, being in the slope’s RF shadow.

    Also, the time delay between rumor and available in phones is so long, I’d expect not to see the new device on the market before the 2nd quarter anyway, and these days you can’t expect a phone to not become “obsolete” within 5 months.

    The speed difference won’t be anything you’d notice unless you play serious games on the phone, and I don’t know many people who do that. In fact, of the 6 other GNex owners in my social circle, none of them are power users. All but one switched from iPhones, and none regret that choice (they all live in better 4G areas than I do).

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