Shared family data plans may becoming to Verizon sooner than expected


Verizon has hinted at shared data for their family plans sometime in 2012, and a newly leaked look at Verizon internal training software seems to suggest we could be seeing such plans sooner rather than later. The new training materials includes an overview of “account level data plans” that consist of a single monthly charge for data bandwidth along with a $9.99 charge for each line using the data, though it may be too soon to read into the exact pricing. But there you have it, shared data coming to a Verizon family plan near you.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Can I grandfather in my whole family onto my Unlimited Plan?  xD

    1. I just got halfway through having that thought myself, but before completion of that thought remembered that this is Verizon we’re dealing with here.

      1. Any business would do the same….Not just Verizon

          1. Nice. If only Dan Hesse were actually trolling Phandroid!

          2. Thank you for taking the time to write me.

            A representative from my office will be contacting you.

            edit: auto-response ^^^

            I like to show up every once in a while.

        1. agreed. You can’t mix-and-match contract terms.

  2. I would much rather go with one unlimited plan and a $10 charge.

  3. “may becoming” ??? come on BGR!

  4. This site needs a full-time editor.

  5. Here we go again. If I am paying for, say, 5GB, why should I have to pay extra to share that same 5GB with more people?

    1. because of the network costs of allowing an additional device to ‘access’ to the network. Even though a phone may not be consuming data, there is still communication between the device and the network.

      your argument might be more valid if you were asking why you couldn’t share that 5GB via tethering to another device….

    2. The same reason that if you pay for 1000 minutes you have to pay for each additional line that uses those minutes

  6. Fail Verizon. Shared data means one single price. Not a data charge then a per line charge. My money is on this ends up costing the consumer more than even the existing options.

  7. If I can keep my unlimited line and drop the 4GB data on my other line then yea but other than that no thank you

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