Samsung Norway: Android 4.0 will hit Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note before end of Q1


Some Samsung-owning Norwegians are about to be very happy. A post today on Samsung Norway’s Facebook page revealed that the update to Android 4.0 should be hitting the Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy note by the end of the first quarter of 2012. Before we get too excited, Samsung still has plenty of time before they hit that deadline. We are just entering February, after all. While there may still be a few months of waiting, Norwegians should be among the first to receive an update to Ice Cream Sandwich. With any luck it won’t be long after that the rest of the world gets a taste.

[via PocketDroid]

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  1. Hopefully it’s not near the end of Q1.

  2. Fyi 1 quarter is 3 months.

    1. I know that too. Heh heh…

      *impatiently waiting*

    2. But there’s only 2 months left in the quarter; hold your horses

  3. Which sgll? So many!

    1. My $$ would be on the european version. I doubt any of the US versions will see ICS before Q3

    2. My bet would be on the international version. Carrier’s custom-designed versions will have to wait a little longer. In Canada, Bell already commited to april 2012 but then again they use the same hardware desing as the international version. They’ve only changed a few things in the ROM.

  4. Coming to US GS2s Q1 2019.

    1. That is one reason why I choose to root. So I don’t have to suffer.

      1. Hell yeah, I’m with ya there!

  5. What happen to the Infuse update????? WTF, Samsung has become the asshole.

  6. It would be better for Samsung to save their time and money and release the kernel code for the cyanogen team and the rest of the community.

    My SII with the EXPERIMENTAL CM9 is miles better than any of the Samsung leaked ICS ROMs. (ok a couple of things like video and HD youtube don’t work, but otherwise it’s quite solid and fast!)

  7. Galaxy single core update is forgotten. Galaxy Dual core update is near.

  8. with the popularity of the galaxy s2 lineup, i wouldn’t be surprised if the US variants got it before too long…  i’m guessing around mid-end of summer.  I would expect the closer to home variants get it first (exynos powered), then the snapdragon powered devices shortly after.  samsung has been getting a lot better with their updates lately.

    1. A lot better? As in they weren’t good before? When the non-Americans version had the update, I had the update here in the US not too long. Because I chose to root.

      If the same phone had the update, why wasn’t it being pushed out around the US? Carriers. But if you disagree, I think you should let me be a fool, because there’s no need to bring back that argument.

  9. Sammy has 4 ics leaks already within the past month. It won’t take long
    Can’t wait.

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