Sprint issues Samsung Epic 4G Touch EL29 software update


Samsung and Sprint have pushed a new update to the Epic 4G Touch, bringing the software version to EL29 and taking care of a few minor issues along the way. The official changlog lists enhancements and fixes for dismissing multiple calendar alerts and activating the Commercial Alert System (CMAS) as well as a security update. There update also brings about a few chances in the handset’s radio version. Speculation is that a major element of the update is the removal of Carrier IQ software, which should come as pleasing news to owners of the Samsung Epic 4G Touch. The new software is rolling out over-the-air now and is expected to reach 100 percent of devices within 10 days.

[via Sprint]

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  1. Sprint needs to release the G-Nex asap.  the EVO is almost 2 years old and i am STILL waiting for a true worthy successor!  EVO 3D, Photon, and SG2 are pretenders to the throne.

    come on Hesse!  get your ass in gear and release the G-Nex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. If only you and I could trade spots on this one. I’m on verizon and I’m so jealous of the SGS2 yet couldnt care less about the nexus. I guess the grass is always greener

      1. are you kidding me?  the SG2 resolution is AWFUL.  compare side by side to an old EVO.  look at icons and the same web page!  TERRIBLE!  then also compare it to a G-Nex and it is NO CONTEST!

        any why in the hell would you want Touchwiz and bloat over stock ICS and future proof soft buttons?

        1. The nexus’s issues with call quality and signal strength worries me, based on things ive heard.
          I prefer the new touchwiz to stock.
          I thought the SGS2’s screen was beautiful, maybe I have poor vision haha. I have a thunderbolt, so thats what kind of screen i’m used to.
          SGS2 has a better battery life correct?

          Yup, like I said, I wish we could trade devices and both be happy. Such is life!

          1. please do a side by side and compare the same web page.  you will see that you can fit so much LESS of the same web page on the SG2.

          2. You can set Pixel density if you like… Or, you can use Opera. Definitely not the problem you’re making it out to be. But hey, to each his own. I’ll take the faster proc and MUCH better camera over the screen. (The GNex is the nicest screen I’ve seen, but the Touch is a beautiful screen in it’s own right)

        2. It looks great to me. I have the Touch, and my Mom has the Evo, and mine definitely looks nicer. 

  2. Sprint Nexus won’t release until some LTE network is up and running.  But SGII isn’t exactly lacking compared to Nexus.  The bump in Nexus is pretty negligible. Might even see SGIII at same time as Sprint Nexus.  

    Would rather see new phones focus on battery life than speed.  SGII is wicked fast as it is.  A couple Android people I know switched to iPhone simply because of battery life even though they much prefer Android.

    1. 1. the display resolution on the SG2 ABSOLUTELY SUCKS compared to the G-Nex.  that alone makes the G-Nex so much better.  it’s no contest.  compare web page, icons, etc.  even the old EVO looks better.
      2. we have no idea what Sprint’s LTE infrastructure is right now.  they are playing it close to their vest.  they will under-promise and over-deliver.  i think they will announce everything when they launch the G-Nex.  in the meantime – do not ASSume you know anything.

      1. No, the EVO doesn’t. You’re absolutely insane. 

      2. I see you’re still squeezing every last drop of life out of your EVO while fighting to the death to say that it’s apparently better.

        1. overall SG2 is better than EVO.  but G-Nex is far superior to SG2.  i still say resolution on SG2 is atrocious.  yes im still using the EVO until a worthy upgrade.  SG2 is a marginal upgrade.  i’ll wait for the G-Nex mofo!!!!!!!!!

    2. which is funny because the E4GT has the best battery life I’ve ever seen in an Android phone. 

  3. I own the Epic Touch and my brother owns the G Nex.. honestly I’ve compared them in every aspect. The resolution is the biggest improvement BUT I don’t like the pentile-ness of the display. If you adjust the screen viewing angle there is a rainbow-like banding. I noticed this on my old SGS1 and it always bugged me. The camera on my Epic Touch is noticeably better, I also like having removable storage but I’ve been using streaming solutions that can substitute. Also, my Epic Touch is lighter.. I know that some people want a ‘premium’ heavy device, but I prefer my mobile to be lighter.. I have to carry it everywhere, hold it to my face when making calls.. lighter>heavier

  4. you guys are crazy, the SGS2 screen is really sharp and clear, the EVO most def can not compare, the Galaxy Nexus pretty much is a SGS2 with a bigger screen and minus the bloatware 

  5. …my co-worker has a EVO,my wife has a EVO 3D,and I have an EPIC TOUCH. And guess who’s trading in their phone. HINT:it’s not me.Can’t wait for the GALAXY S3.

  6. I received the update push this morning for my Sprint Samsung Epic, and now I can not answer my phone.  Called Sprint and they weren’t able to fix it, but created a ticket so I could got into a Sprint store for them to look at it.  Apparently others Samsung Epic owners are having this problem too.

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