Jan 25th, 2012

Samsung has been a bit coy when it comes to naming the make and model of the main processor found in the gargantuan Galaxy Note. We know it is a dual-core chip, we know it is clocked at 1.5GHz, but Samsung has never provided the specifics of the CPU even upon direct questioning. An official teardown posted to the Samsung Tomorrow blog doesn’t help solve the mystery.

The teardown still provides some great info on the construction of the Note. Of particular interest is the use of a Wacom chip to decipher the input from the handset’s S Pen. Wacom is about as good as it gets when it comes to pen controllers and digital drawing — their range of input devices for use with a stylus are widely used among professional artists and designers. Staring closely at the Note’s main PCB, however, won’t reveal any more details about the CPU. Zooming in won’t do much good and it even appears Samsung has whited out the manufacturer info on the chip. We can all guess the reason for this: Samsung had to use a different chip maker to provide the goods for the Note and is unwilling to admit outright that they did not use their in-house Exynos series of processors for the job.

You can check out the full teardown for yourself to see even more details on the Note’s display, battery, various sensors and doodads. It’s all at the link below.

[Samsung Tomorrow via AndroidCentral]

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