8-bit inspired Minicraft from the creator of Minecraft ported to Android


For 48 hours beginning on December 19th, Markus Persson set about to create a new game based on his popular world-building game Minecraft. With a hefty helping of 8-bit simplicity, the result was Minicraft, a completely new title that tasks users with exploring a realm controlled by the Air Wizard, collecting items, building objects, and fighting zombies along the way. Once the world’s resources have been exhausted the player must defeat the Air Wizard, his death guaranteeing a life of peaceful solitude. The creation was made as part of the 22nd Ludum Dare competition, which challenges developers to create a new game within a given timeframe while adhering to a particular theme. For this run of the contest the theme was “Alone.”

The game was originally created as a PC title, but for Minecraft addicts looking for an interesting twist on the original experience and not wishing to be tied down to a computer, Folstad Consulting, Inc. has provided a port of the game for Android. It is not officially endorsed, but Folstad has made it clear that the game is not their original work and is only presented to allow fans to enjoy the game in more formats. One benefit of the mobile port is the addition of a save feature, which was lacking from the original. Minicraft is a perfect title for mobile gaming due to its simple gameplay and short completion time. The full game should only take one to two hour to complete.

And if the first installment gets you hooked, Persson has more on the way in the form of MiniTale, a more robust game based around the principles of Minicraft but without the 48 hour deadline limiting the complexity of gameplay. There is no word on a mobile version just yet, but as soon as we hear any news we will let you know.

Android Market Download Link: Minicraft

[via The Normal Chaos (Translated)]

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