HTC Ville With Android 4.0 Headed To T-Mobile Later This Year? [Rumor]


If you’re a T-Mobile customer and the recent news of Galaxy Nexi and other high-end, Ice Cream Sandwich packing superphones arriving this year for all those other carriers has got you down, things may start looking up for ‘ol #4 in 2012. According to Pocketnow, the rumored HTC Ville could be making its way to T-Mobile as early as spring of this year.

As a refresher, the HTC Ville is a dual-core smartphone that will be running Android 4.0 with the latest Sense UI topping, measures in at less than 8mm thick, 4.3-inch qHD display and HTC’s highest quality backside illuminated camera and all new 1.5GHz S4 dual-core processor. There’s a lot here to love and it looks like HTC is getting set to make a comeback in 2012 with the also rumored HTC Edge and HTC Zeta.

The HTC Ville is believed to be making its debut at Mobile World Congress next month and if true, Phandroid will be reporting live from the event bringing you guys the very latest on all things mobile.

T-Mobile customers, what do you think? Is the HTC Ville enough to keep you happy in 2012 or have you trained yourself to dismiss anything that doesn’t have “quad” in the spec sheet?

[Via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. I’ll consider an htc device when I see other people not bitching about battery life. Samsung FTW!!

    1. I used to bitch about battery life on my Evo 4G. But my battery life is amazing on my Evo 3D.

    2. Honestly people are gonna bitch about battery life until a battery will last through 2 days of heavy use….which is no time soon. Once you lose the habit of checking your battery percentage every 5 minutes things go back to the way they were (usually when you get over the initial thrill of the phone and go back to normal use. We’re not talking 5 hours, so just go for it. 

      1. That day may come sooner than you think. You know how the Droid Razor is like 7mm? Well, Motorola is going to make a 9mm or 10mm one with a 3000mah battery! I think it will be called the Droid Razor Max… If someone is used to a normal HTC brick and then gets the HTC Ville, one would think some of those people wouldn’t mind an extended battery to get them well beyond a day!

  2. No 720p screen is a deal braker meh! Based on last year chips arm9 40nm! I rather wait for arm 15 28nm cpu way more powerful and way more efficient on battery! Around the corner!

    1. I agree, this phone doesn’t seem much of an upgrade to my Sensation.  I usually don’t wait so long to replace a phone, typically 6 months but I’ll wait for something better.

      1. i totally agree with you. I have a sensation as well, nothing really extra here expect the thinness (which i could careless about)

        1. you mean you couldn’t care less about it.

    2. S4 is 28nm

  3. Meh, I just got a used Sensation last week and already installed an ICS rom and an extended 1900mah slim battery.

    This doesn’t sound like much of an improvement and even the design looks a bit similar.

  4. i’ll get the ville if the edge doesn’t come out for tmobile (rumored it’s just gonna be lte). also, wasn’t the zeta confirmed to just be a mockup and not a real device?

  5. 2011 specs in 2012? come on man 

  6. I suppose I could care less about it but it’d be too much bother. Already have an unlocked galaxy nexus and I love it. It will keep me satisfied until the quad cores come to call

  7. Hopefully since this is so similar to the Sensation and Amaze (Any word on the HSPA+ on this thing btw? 14.4mbps or 42mbps?)  that T-Mobile will stock android this sucka and make it the next G series phone similar to the Optimus 2X becoming the G2X

    1. Good thinking. If this is true than it should come out around March/April which marks 1 year since the last G series phone was released.

    2. There’s no way TMO would put anything less than +42 inside a high end device like this.  Not gonna happen.

  8. When is HTC going to realease a beastly 5.0″ device for Android. Something to go head to head with the Galaxy Note

  9. F T-Mobile. I’m not waiting till the end of this year to upgrade my two year old Nexus one.

  10. I see way too many people complaining that thus will have last generation specs while it has an s4 processor. It is based on 28nm manufacturing and has a completely different architecture from the s3, which was just a dual core s2. Phandroid readers really need yo step up their game because so many people here are ridiculously ignorant to the facts. 1.5Ghz s4 =/= 1.5Ghz s3.

    1. s4 is still based on the same ARM v7 architecture that s2, s3 use. It’s from 28nm process and has slightly better Adreno 225 GPU. But still not enough power to compete with Tegra3, OMAP5 and new quad core Exynos 4412.

      1. Wrong.
        ARM v7 isn’t an architecture. It’s an instruction set. The S4 uses the new krait micro architecture which is a competitor to the Cortex A15. It should be much faster than the old scorpion in the S2 and S3.

  11. I’m looking at the SGSIII and the first Krait phones.
    S4 without 720p doesn’t interest me in the least.

  12. Dismiss I’m afraid…

  13. Dear HTC:  Stop releasing your best phones on the shit network first and letting us other folks wait a year for it to come out (by which time it’ll be obsolete)

    1. Shit network? Sounds like you live in the middle of nowhere.

  14. I’ve trained myself to dismiss anything that doesn’t have “Nexus” in the name.

  15. This is probably the successor to the not-quite-high-end Desire S rather than the Sensation, so specs and qHD screen are pretty decent. Expecting those capacitive buttons to be replaced with virtual ones though, I wouldn’t touch an Android 4.0 device without them.

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