Jan 16th, 2012

There’s no doubt that just like the year before it, 2011 was a tremendous year for Android. Even though many like to lump all Android devices into one as far as market share is concerned, not all is “kumbaya” in the world of Google’s mobile OS especially when Android OEM’s compete viciously with each other for handset supremacy. If you were curious to see exactly which devices came out on top, BGR was nice enough to supply this report from Canaccord Genuity who lists of the top performers, by carrier, for the months of July through December.

It’s almost no surprise that Samsung came out as the top Android performer with their Galaxy S II’s and Galaxy Nexus taking honors for top Android devices sold. The only thing that kept Samsung from the #1 spot was Apple’s iPhone 4S which took home the gold, beating every other Android device on every carrier of which the device was sold.

Moving into 2012, do you guys think we will finally see a single Android device capable of taking down the iPhone in sales?


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