Galaxy Note-Like Devices Hit WiFi Certification?


Just as with the Galaxy S II, us Americans are just now getting a taste of the Galaxy Note while other parts of the world have had it for months. Well it looks like a variant or a successor may be headed out of Samsung’s camp as devices with similar model numbers have passed WiFi certification.

First of all we’ve got the GT-N8000 that has been at the WiFi cert for a while. Compare that to the Galaxy Note’s GT-N7000. Beyond that, two other devices – the GT-N8010 and the GT-N8013 – have also gotten their stripes for WiFi 802.11 b/g/n.

It’s a bit earlier than Samsung’s usual  time frame to introduce a sequel to a device but anything could be going down soon. And as you know, Samsung usually has a strong outing at Mobile World Congress so it’s entirely possible that we won’t have to wait past February to see what they have cooking up. [WiFi Cert 12 via PocketNow]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II Epic 4G Touch XL with LTE

    1. Make it a little longer and it just might end up on Sprint!

    2. lol i know right… Sprint and their long ass names lol

  2. If the 32nm Exynos is ready for the SGS3, then it’s also ready for the Note 2. :) I think Samsung knows that they have an unexpected hit on their hands with the “man-sized” Note and they’re going to be quick to release a successor that fixes its flaws.

    My dream Note 2 would feature:
    1) Nextgen Exynos (WITH LTE support so that the next U.S. version doesn’t have to be “gimped” with Qualcomm’s snapdragon just for LTE compatibility)
    2) No hardware buttons to reduce the vertical bezel size even further (shipping with ICS).
    3) A *non-pentile* SAMOLED+ 1280×800 display for even sharper reds and blues, and no crushed blacks problem.
    4) NFC
    5) Maybe bump the 8MP camera to 10MP or 12MP (like the sony) only if higher quality (not just higher EmmPee)
    6) Gorilla Glass 2
    7) I’m forgetting something…

    The AT&T Note, Note 2, and SGS3 are the only things on my Android radar atm.

    [EDIT: The new quadcore Exynos 5450 is 32nm; not 22nm, but still less than the currentgen 45nm fab]

  3. From the FCC outline of the device and where they have the approval stamp it looks like my Tab 10.1. My guess is it’s a tablet with stylus functionality. 

    1. see here,

    2. Agreed, it definitely looks like the 10.1 tab.

  4. Hopefully the Note coming to Sprint ASAP!

  5. galaxy note really make me confuse, it looks it is not only a mobile phone, it is not suitable for girls, i guess

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