Maintenance Upgrade for the HTC EVO 3D Rolling Out


The Now Network will soon be seeing a minor OTA update for the HTC EVO 3D rolling out. Alongside the usual security improvements we’ve come to know and love we’re also supposedly getting better battery life and an update to Peep, their Twitter application. It’ll be a staggered update so don’t fret if you don’t see it right away. If you’re feeling a bit impatient you can always try to manually pull it down by heading to Settings > System Update > HTC Software Update > Check Now. [Sprint via Android Police]

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  1. Yaaaay! I don’t see it yet but glad for the support :)…..Anyone see it come up yet?

  2. I don’t see it yet

  3. I don’t see it.

  4. Hell yea i hope the battery life is wby better cause it sucks

  5. I heard about this earlier at 4pm on my app sprint feed now phandroid is publishing it and iv been checking on/off all day did a prl profile update pull battery and nothing still :( :( in Erie pa!!

  6. I got the notifcation a few days ago, but didn’t download it yet

  7. Well I ran the update again and downloaded it, no reboot required. It updates HTC Facebook, peep, Flickr (I think) and friend stream. I didn’t notice any changes but I don’t use the HTC bloatware

  8. I believe you two are referring to the previous update from HTC a few days ago that’s old news this update is mainly security update and peep to but concentrated on battery issues and security fault issues with HTC n sprint 4g phones!!

  9. Still Waiting………..

  10. Just got it 5am Erie pa!

  11. just got this upgrade to my sensation here in uk.seems to be faster,and smoother.as regards battery,we shall see!

  12. I don’t know about anyone else but this update seems to have brought a bit more than what was let known.  Not as far as widgets or any new features, no nothing like that. (except deleting CarrierIQ…has this been officially confirmed?  And would this deletion bring about any performance enhancement (ie. less resource hogging/updating etc))

    What it seems to have brought is a smoother operating experience.  I had noticed for a while now that my Evo 3D seemed to move rather sluggishly, while not astronomically slower but noticeably, and since I monitor closely what apps, services, updates whathaveyou occur on it, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t any of that, at least to the the best of my knowledge.  But since this update, screens move faster & smoother and without the hesitation that had seemed to plague it before, with or without other apps running.  Also apps open faster, if even a little bit but it’s noticeable, and even graphically annotated playback seems to move along a bit zippier.  And as a bonus, it seems websites attempt to load a little faster, again not super crazy lightning quick (as we might like) but noticeably.  

    Keep in mind my Evo 3D is not rooted, completely stock with a user who is almost hyper sensitive to any sudden change in speed or functionality.

    Is anyone else seeing what I’m experiencing?

    1. carrierIQ is gone, but you won’t see any performance increases. just know your phone is secure again… for now

      1. I actually see a difference in overall speed and responsiveness with Sense. I noticed this before reading others comments about it too :)

  13. Yeah the whole phone is a lot smoother

  14. ROOTED FTMFW… running ICS on my 3d.

  15. I got it here in Nashville. What I see so far: New Android Market, Carrier IQ removed, new item in Quick Settings called Power Saver.

    1. Messaging, menu, settings – you can see option for various emergency alerts 

  16. Us rooted users won’t have to wait long tho ;)

  17. You can get the Update by going into settings and update HTC Software. :-) Battery lasts LONGER!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)

  18. I just downloaded and just noticed its faster and the power saver. What did they do to Peep? I wish they would revamp it and Friend Stream.

  19. is this phone really good? i have seen many ads about this phone,i am still a litte doubet about the 3D function about this phone. oh, and how much is this phone really? i know there are many version, sprint, version, something also like LoveBargaining.com, but why the price are so much different? is there unlocked?

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