Motorola Televation Streams Live TV from Your Cable Provider to Your Android Device [CES 2012]


Motorola was showing off much more than smartphones and tablets at their CES booth. Their theme for this year was “do more,” and one way in which they want to help consumers achieve this goal is through their new Televation product. The hardware will come built into Motorola’s line of cable set-top boxes or as a standalone device and allows users to stream live TV directly from their cable provider to their internet-connected tablets and smartphones over a local WiFi network. The concept enables a “TV in every room” approach without the need to have an actual TV in every room. It will also allow one show to be viewed on the main television set while another is streamed to tablets and smartphones. The main drawback is the system’s inability to stream multiple shows to multiple devices. Each tablet or smartphone connected to Televation will be fed the same content.

Motorola is looking to offer the system as an option via cable providers such as Comcast, but there are no definite plans for release at this time. It’s a win-win for all, as it gives cable providers a way to offer TV content to users without a traditional TV set up. The product we saw looked pretty final and worked great even at a CES event crowded with various wireless signals. Check out the video demo using the Motorola Xyboard below for more details.

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  1. So, it’s a Slingbox that you can only use on your local network?

  2. Pretty lame it only does one stream at a time though. And Comcast and others already do device streaming, or (may) do it in the future through an app without this extra box/new cable box. Pretty limited use/market if you ask me.

    1. shut up

  3. Awesome!  Now I can watch TV on my Xoom while I take a crap!!

    1. Great… usually I play Angry Birds on mine while I’m sitting there… this will be a lot less interactive. Awesome!

      1. i use the samsung tab while i shit. call it #twooping

        1. lol & relevant.

    2. Moto will rule the world some day :)

  4. Pointless to make this single tuner. 

    1. Has nothing to do with the device.  The settop box is dual tuner.  That’s the point.  The settop boxes are already out there.   Future settop boxes will possibly have more tuners.

  5. I’m not aware of comcast streaming live TV to your device.   I think MOT is in pretty  close communication with comcast on this.

  6. Moto must think that everyone lives in 10 bedroom mansions. If you can afford a 2 bedroom in NYC, you can afford 2 TV’s with cable boxes.

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